Fix No Sound on Android Videos - Reasons with Fixes Here!

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"Why does my Android phone play video, but I hear no audio?" Many Android users whine about having no phone audio, which is why they can’t enjoy watching their favorite video content. Since several factors are linked to the audio problem, addressing it may look difficult at first. However, multiple ways to fix no sound on video Android exist, and this post will prove it to you. Read on to see the shared reasons with corresponding solutions to fix the audio problem.

Why There is No Sound on Android Videos?

As noted, the no video sound on Android problem of yours is caused by lots of potential reasons. Determining the certain cause of this issue could help you get the necessary solution you need so give yourself time to see the list of the grounds that activate the no sound on video on Android

8 Ways to Fix No Sound on Videos on Android [Steps]

Now that you know the likely reasons why there’s no audio when playing video, it’s time to get it fixed! Discover the following 8 ways to fix no sound on video Android below, aligning with the mentioned causes.

Way 1. Restart Your Android Device.

Reason 1: Lots of temporary files that slow down your Android OS.

Aside from having no sound when playing videos on Android, when your device functions slower than before, try restarting your phone. It may also fix no sound on iPhone screen recording issue. Rebooting your Android device can remove temporary files and give you a fresh start. Follow the instructions below:

Step 1.Discover the "Power" button of your Android device; press and hold it until there’s a "Power menu" on your screen.

Step 2.Tap the "Reboot/Restart" button to switch your phone off. Later, your Android device will be turned on automatically.

Restart Your Android Device

Way 2. Clear Your Device’s Cache

Reason 2: Corrupted cache files or malfunctioning data.

Another thing that can cause your speaker to malfunction is a corrupted cache, thus leading you to ask, "Why can’t I hear videos on my phone?" Eliminating them could help fix your speaker; don’t worry cause essential data isn’t covered here. Here’s how to clear the app’s cache on your Android phone:

Step 1.Come to the "Settings" app on your Android device, then locate the "Apps" option to select the app where you wish to play the video.

Step 2.Tap the "Storage usage" and then go for the "Clear Data" button; later, click the "Clear cache" button.

Clear Your Device Cache

Way 3. Turn Off the Do Not Disturb Mode

Reason 3: All the upcoming notifications are silent.

All phones have the Do Not Disturb feature that puts all notifications in silent mode. So, if you have a no phone audio problem, maybe you put your device on silent mode by accident since the feature mutes all audio disturbance, covering the volume of your device.

Step 1.Slip into your Android device's "Settings" app, then go to the "Sounds and Vibration" section.

Step 2.Inside the section, you’ll find the "Do Not Disturb" option; make sure to tap its toggle switch to turn it off.

Turn Off the Silent Mode

Way 4. Disconnect Your Device from Speakers.

Reason 4: Your Android device is connected to any wireless speakers/headsets.

Though many people enjoy music through speakers, if your Android device is connected to one without you being aware, you’ll surely get no sound on video on Android. Therefore, to fix the audio problem, here are the basic steps to follow:

Step 1.Head to your Android device’s "Settings" app, then tap "Bluetooth" from the options.

Step 2.Check if any wireless speakers are linked to your device; if there are, disconnect them or tap the toggle switch of "Bluetooth" to turn it off.

Disconnect Your Device from Speakers

Way 5. Get Another Video Player Application.

Reason 5: Incompatible codecs of video player applications.

Suppose your video player app now produces no sound when playing video; it might have an improper audio codec. To get out immediately, try another player, like VLC, MX Player, BS Player, and others that will be compatible with your device. Here’s what you should do to download one on your Android phone:

Step 1.Slip into the Google Play Store app, then search for the desired player you want to use, for instance, "VLC for Android".

Step 2.Tap the "Install" button beside the media player app’s name. Once it finishes, open your video, and see if the audio issue resolves.

Get Another Video Player

Way 6. Update the Android OS to the Latest Version.

Reason 6: Out-of-date Android operating system.

Whenever there’s an OS update on Android, your device needs to comply with these new standards. Having an outdated OS will cause your phone to face bugs, glitches, and slow performance, making it possible for you to come across no sound when playing videos on Android.

Step 1.Pinpoint the "Settings" app on your Android device, then open it. Then, find your way to the "About Phone" section to check what version your device uses.

Step 2.From there, see the "Version" option to see if there’s a pending update; tap the "Software Update" to install the latest OS version right away.

Update the Android OS

Way 7. Clean the Speaker Vents.

Reason 7: Too much dirt in the speaker vents.

No doubt, when you have used your Android phone for a long time, the speaker grills might be covered by dust or debris, which can influence the release of audio sound. Thus, to fix no sound on video Android, gently clean your speaker grills using a cotton and clean small cloth or a cotton swab.

It's up to you how you clean the speaker holes; just be sure you carefully and gently do it.

Way 8. Repair No Sound Videos of a Damaged File.

Reason 8: Your video file is damaged or corrupted.

Unfortunately, if none of those above ways helped to fix no sound on video Android, the problem is presumably within your video file. Hence, if you think your file is corrupted, AnyRec Video Repair can help you repair it and get your video back on track as normally as it should. It covers fixing videos from any file format that comes in any size, like MP4, AVI, MKV, MOV, M4V, etc. Aside from resolving the no-sound issue, you could synchronize your video and audio. Furthermore, it makes use of an AI algorithm, guaranteeing that the repair process will be smooth and easy without sacrificing the original quality and file structure of your video.

AnyRec Video Repair Product Box
AnyRec Video Repair

Repair no sound problem on video files in MKV, AVI, MP4, and 3GP formats.

Fix damaged and broken videos of all sizes without quality compromise.

Support fixing videos recorded by cameras, drones, computers, etc.

Offer a high success rate in repairing in HD, 4K, and up to 16K footage.

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Free Download

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Step 1.Begin by launching the AnyRec Video Repair. Then, add your damaged video file on the left pane while the undamaged one is on the right. Click each "Add" button.

Anyrec Add Videos

Step 2.Proceed to click the "Repair" button to start fixing your video right away. After everything, check your video to see if it is well-repaired by clicking the "Preview" button.

Anyrec Preview the Video

Step 3.To conclude, confirm if the specific parameters below are fine with you; if so, click the "Save" button to get your repaired video. That’s how you fix no sound on video Android!

AnyRec Save the Fixed Video
Free Download

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Free Download

100% Secure

Useful Tips to Avoid No Sound on Android Videos

Although you now discovered the solutions, you could get away with it if you ever encounter a no sound on video on Android. But, it’s nice not to encounter this, and be extra cautious from now on. So, to prevent yourself from experiencing this audio concern again, consider taking note of the following tips.

Don’t download unverified apps. These apps that aren’t from the Google Play Store should never have a place on your Android device, since it may affect your phone settings without your knowledge.

Clean the speaker port often. Since dust isn’t avoidable, check your speaker port regularly to see if it is covered by dust that prevents the audio from coming out properly.

Stop experimenting with your phone settings. Not unless necessary, stop adjusting your phone settings that you might accidentally alter some audio settings.

Get a trustworthy cleaning app. If you suspect your Android device has some viruses that lead to many problems, using a cleaner would help catch them and get rid of them immediately.



That's a wrap for the no sound on video on Android issue! This post primarily shows you the reasons with corresponding solutions to fix no sound on video Android, so hopefully, you got it resolved! In case of damaged or broken files, don’t hesitate to ask AnyRec Video Repair for help. It is your friendly companion that can repair corrupted files with excellent quality in seconds, covering videos from multiple file formats, devices, and sizes. Get it today and help your videos work perfectly.

Free Download

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Free Download

100% Secure

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