Where to Watch Turkish Series with English Subtitles [2024]

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Here are 15 best websites for you to download and watch Turkish series with English subtitles. You can also use AnyRec Video Converter to add subtitles to Turkish videos manually.

  • ExpressDizi - Vast collection of Turkish movies in high definition.
  • Promix TV - Provide diverse language options for subtitles.
  • AR Dirilis Ertugrul - Perfect for fans of historical Turkish films.
  • Turkish123 - Large library of dramas, romances, and series.
  • Turkfans - Hassle-free streaming experience with fewer pop-ups.
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Download Turkish Series with English Subtitle s

Downloading Turkish series with English subtitles lets you learn more about the culture and social issues. Aside from the significant purpose of these foreign movies, many internal viewers are drawn to watch because of the great plots, chemistry, and filming. The only that may stop you from seeing many great films is the unavailability of English subtitles. But since you read this post, let’s see the best sites to watch Turkish movies with English subtitles.

15 Sites to Watch and Download Turkish Series with English Subtitles

Turkish drama and series are hugely popular in Europe, the United States, and Balkan. But many fans can hardly watch movies because of the inability of subtitles. Furthermore, only a few Turkish series made it to the local streaming service, but here are the top ten sites that regularly stream your favorite series.

1. ExpressDizi


This movie site lets you catch up on the best Turkish series with English subtitles. The website has all the latest films running; you can watch them on an HD display. The translation is also on the spot so viewers can understand the movie effortlessly.

A vast collection of Turkish movies with English and Spanish subtitles.
High-definition streaming without the need for registration.
Quick and accurate translations for effortless understanding.
Security concern with unsecure HTTPs for streaming.
Limited genre options, focusing primarily on Turkish series.

2. Promix TV

Promix TV

If you want to watch Turkish movies other than with English subtitles, then Promix TV is the best alternative. The streaming service offers various languages for subtitles, including German, Spanish, Portuguese, and Arabic. It is also a home for various Turkish TV series, modern dramas, and more collections.

Offer language dubbing and subtitles in various languages.
Regular updates for expanding language availability.
Diverse content including Turkish TV series, modern dramas, etc.
Display advertisements during streaming.
Some users may find the user interface less intuitive.

3. AR Dirilis Ertugrul

Ar Dirilis Ertugul

Are you a fan of historical Turkish films? Then AR Dirilis Ertugul is the right place to binge-watch documentaries and movies based on true stories. Even popular films like Filinta Mustafa, Buyuk Selcuklu, and Kurulus Osman can be watched in English subtitles without interruption.

Good quality for translation and resolution.
No advertisement, despite being a free site.
Specialized in historical Turkish films with true stories.
The genres are limited, and not appeal to broad users.
Smaller content library compared to more general platforms.

4. Turkish123

Turkish 123

Turkish123 holds both new and old movies. Of course, you can watch the best Turkish series with English subtitles, such as Sen Cal Kapimi, which is known to be unavailable on other sites. Since it has a massive library of videos, you can enjoy watching Kara Sevda, Kiralik Ask, etc.

Diverse library including new and old movies, exclusive series.
Efficient search bar for easy navigation.
Unique content such as Sen Cal Kapimi not available on other sites.
Ads bombard users with every click.
Search functionality might not be as advanced.

5. Dizi Channel

Dizi Channel

Dizi channel is a premium app with various Turkish series that streams in dubs. If you are into watching without reading subtitles, then this site allows you to watch in Polish, Arabic, Russian, and Bulgarian dubs. Stream more Turkish videos with Albanian and English subtitles.

Superior video and audio quality.
In-demand Turkish shows are available.
Offer Turkish series in multiple languages.
Require a subscription, relatively expensive.
Limited availability of some popular Turkish series.

6. Turkfans


This website has many Turkish series which fans prefer to stream online. For an excellent site to watch all your favorite videos without advertisements, Turkfans requires you to subscribe to the page before accessing the movies.

Fewer pop-ups, unlike other websites.
Free to watch high-quality shows.
Dedicated fan-favorite Turkish series available.
Users must create an account before watching.
Some users may experience occasional buffering during streaming.

7. MultiPointTV


Simple sites like MutiPointTV are more convenient for streaming Turkish series with English subtitles. It is a free streaming service that features shows such as Ertugul Ghazi and Kurulus Osman. The list also includes some of your favorite historical films for free.

Clean interface with fewer ad promotions.
Include movie reviews for various videos.
Free streaming of popular Turkish series and historical films.
Limited selection compared to other platforms.
Streaming quality vary depending on the internet connection.

8. Netflix


If you are okay with having a subscription to watch Turkish series with English subtitles, then Netflix will be the most prominent site to go to. It is well-known for its wide range of movies you can watch regularly. Netflix is also a site like AnimeSuge that provides some Turkish anime. With a subscription, you can watch unlimitedly without interruptions.

Flexible language options for subtitles and dubbing.
Compatible with many devices.
Extensive library of Turkish series and movies.
Some Turkish series might not be available in your area.
Subscription required, limiting access for users unwilling to pay.

9. Dailymotion


Dailymotion is a well-known website for various movies to binge-watch. Since it has less policy, you can find and stream videos on YouTube, including Turkish, Arabic, and other foreign films. Dailymotion is a safe site with no registration required.

Huge category of Turkish series.
Amazing resolution and quality.
Safe site with no registration required.
Ads may interrupt the streaming experience.
The content library might not be as organized as on dedicated platforms.

10. SuperRiki


Among other popular websites, SuperRriki has the most efficient search algorithm, providing a list of genres to select. Its webpage interface is simple, which gives an easy to navigate it. SuperRiki also rates movies to see the reviews of other fans.

Efficient search algorithm and genre categorization.
Allow you to create favorite movie or TV series list.
User ratings for movies provide additional insights.
You need to pay to unlock more films.
Provide few advanced features.

11. Puhutv

Puhutv Watch Turkish Video with English Sub

Puhutv is a popular Turkish streaming platform offering a diverse range of Turkish series with English subtitles. The platform is known for its user-friendly interface and a wide selection of genres.

Extensive library of Turkish series and dramas.
User-friendly interface for easy navigation.
Regularly updated content to keep viewers engaged.
Advertisements may interrupt the streaming experience.
Limited availability of some niche genres.


Wlext Download Turkish Video with English Sub

WLEXT is a platform that caters to international audiences by providing Turkish series with English subtitles. The site offers a variety of content, including dramas, movies, and popular TV series.

Broad selection of Turkish series in different times.
High-quality streaming with English subtitles.
Quick updates on the latest releases.
Occasional buffering during high traffic periods.
Navigation may be less intuitive for new users.

13. Watch Turks

Watchtuks Save Turkish Series with English Sub

Watch Turks is a dedicated platform for Turkish series enthusiasts, offering a comprehensive collection of Turkish dramas and TV series with English subtitles. The site aims to provide a seamless streaming experience.

Specialized in Turkish dramas for a focused viewing experience.
Multiple server options for smoother streaming.
Easy to find the desired series by searching.
Limited playback controls when watching Turkish videos.
Pop-up ads may be intrusive for some users.

14. Turkish Drama

Turkish Drama Website

Turkish Drama is a reliable source for Turkish series with English subtitles, providing a platform for viewers worldwide. The site focuses on delivering a diverse range of Turkish dramas and TV shows.

Well-organized categories for easy genre-based browsing.
Offer a mix of classic and contemporary Turkish series.
Subtitles are synchronized accurately with the content.
Limited availability of some older series.
Streaming quality is influenced by the internet speed.

15. Turksub24

Turksub24 Watch Turkish Video with English Sub

Turksub24 is a platform dedicated to Turkish series, offering English subtitles to a global audience. The site is designed for ease of use, allowing users to explore and enjoy a variety of Turkish dramas.

Regular updates with the latest Turkish series.
Minimalistic design for a clutter-free viewing experience.
Quick loading times for efficient streaming.
Limited information about each series.
Some users may encounter occasional server-related issues.

Add English Subtitles to Turkish Series with AnyRec

There is a way to put English subtitles to Turkish series. With AnyRec Video Converter, streaming foreign films with English subtitles will be easy. The software also brings features to enhance quality, upscale resolution, and boost audio volume. Movies with a two-hour duration are also allowed to upload without waiting for a long loading process. And because AnyRec Video Converter is supported by AI technology, videos are exported in high-quality.

AnyRec Video Converter Package
AnyRec Video Converter

Add subtitles for Turkish TV shows, series, and movies.

No file size restriction and supports all video formats.

Edit Turkish series after adding subtitles like trimming.

Export process with excellent GPU acceleration for 50x speed.

Free Download

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Free Download

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Step 1.Click the "Free Download" button to download AnyRec Video Converter. Then run the software on your device. Click the Plus button and import the Turkish movie.

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AnyRec Add Edit

Step 2.When the input video is in the interface, click the "Edit" button and head to the "Subtitle". Click the "Add" button below the timeline. Then, choose the subtitle for the Turkish movie.

AnyRec Subtitle

Step 3.Edit the text by font, color, outline, and opacity. You can also change the position of the word and the transition from the Delay option. Click the "OK" button to add subtitles to a video and then apply all the new settings.

AnyRec Color Font Opacity

Step 4.Choose the output format or change the advanced setting from the "Custom Profile". Then, click the "Convert All" button to export the output.

AnyRec Format Destination Convert
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FAQs about Watching Turkish Series with English Subtitles


Now that you have sites to watch and download Turkish series with English subtitles, there’s no stopping you from bing-watching. You can also learn about the culture and history of the foreign country with sites dedicated to documentaries. You can learn Japanese culture through anime or learn Korean culture through K-drama websites. AnyRec Video Converter is also recommended for downloading subtitles to non-English movies you will come across.

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