Top 13 Popular Deepfake Apps to Change Faces on Android/iPhone

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There is news circulating on social media about how some celebrities talked most unexpectedly. You wouldn't know; they are only ordinary people messing around to gain popularity. They use a deepfake app that can change the face and even voice into one of the celebrities. This fantastic yet scary app is made of advanced AI technology that can professionally replace your idol's voice and face with yours. It is also possible to manipulate an image or video as if it is real. If you want to see yourself talking like your favorite idol or movie star, try the following recommendations of 13 deepfake apps below.

Best 13 Deepfake Apps for Android/iPhone to Make Funny Videos/Photos

Deepfake apps offer different features when it comes to changing faces. However, you can still have a blast editing an animal's, celebrity's, or famous painting figure on your video and photo. Here are the best deepfake apps to make funny videos and photos on Android or iPhone.

1. Reface - Funny Face Swap App for iPhone and Android

This free deepfake app enables you to beautifully combine your picture with your chosen figure. swap faces with videos, pictures, and GIFs in a realistic way. It is super easy to make a funny meme video or GIF with Reface. Moreover, you can Reface has a built-in artificial intelligence system resulting in a perfect realistic photo. Edit your best image with Reface's bright interface and convenient control system.

Use one selfie to make creative deepfake video, picture, or GIF.
Create your own deepfakes based on Ai and machine-learning technology.
Switch faces on iPhone and Android with the latest sources.
Not guarantee safety for a private policy.
It is not easy to bypass inappropriate content of teenagers.
Reface DeepFake App

2. Zao - Chinense Deepfake App to Swap Face with AI Movie Characters

Zao used to be a brand new Chinese deepfake app that was introduced in 2019. According to Forbes, Zao goes viral overnight. Its AI engine face swapping can detect and deepfake anyone’s face with celebrities perfectly. However, Zao was slammed as a potential privacy disaster. Now if you want to download Zao face replace app, you can visit the zaodownload dot com website. Or you can search its new live broadcasting, which is Smart-telecaster Zao App.

Make funny video clips with your friends faces with movie scenes.
The Zao deepfake app can work with popular phones, tablets, and computers.
Zao is not available in Google Play Store and App Store.
Most deepfake templates are Chinese movies and TV shows.
Zao DeepFake App

3. Face Swap Live Lite - Deepfake Face with Pictures and Live Videos

Here you can replace faces in live video on iPhone and Android. Just record a video or take a selfie. Later, you can swap faces with any celebrity, friend, or other funny pictures that you downloaded. What’s more, you can switch face with your pets too. Here you can get lion face, kitten face, werewolf, and more.

Switch faces with both static pictures and live videos.
Get a face editor to make your swapped face look better.
The deepfake app hasn’t been updated for about 2 years.
Face Swap Live Lite

4. Anyface: Face Animation

This free deepfake face animator app allows you to relive your favorite idol's photo by moving your mouth and head. You can add voiceover to the image. Moreover, you can record it to share with your friends online. You can also adjust skin tone, eye movement, filters, and more.

Improve the overall edited content.
Accurate movement of facial expressions.
The paid version is expensive.
AnyFace DeepFake App

5. Copy Replace Face Photo Editor

Filled with unique features, Copy Replace is a fantastic deepfake app that many users delight in using it. Like other deepfake apps, it is easy to use, yet it allows creative photo editing.

Edit with realistic looks.
Adjust face at the discretion of the user.
Cannot edit a video.
Copy Replace Face DeepFake App

6. Mixbooth

If you want to mix two faces, Mixbooth can help you. This deepfake app can combine two faces, and the result can even shock you. You can try the various combination to entertain yourself and your friends.

Work well without an internet connection.
Convenient control panel and discreet interface.
Take photos in real-time.
The tools are not noteworthy.
Mixbooth DeepFake App

7. Snapchat

Snapchat is a well-known app to over 10 million users around the world. It has many features, and you can use it as a deepfake app. Swap your face with your friends or import your favorite idol and have fun decorating it with built-in stickers and filters.

Direct sharing to other friends.
Receive frequent updates.
Lower photo quality.
Snapchat DeepFake App

8. MyHeritage

Are you feeling nostalgic? Relive your family photo with a deepfake app such as the MyHeritage app. Its Deep Nostalgia feature lets your ancestors come to life and even share the wonderful reliving on your social media.

Bring back old family photos.
Authentic human gestures.
The processing only takes seconds.
Require creating an account.
MyHeritage DeepFake App

9. Deepfake Studio

Another Android deepfake app that will create fabulous-looking face swap photos and videos. This deepfake app also supports other clips from your favorite movie, music video, and more. With Deepfake Studio, there are infinite possibilities for face swapping.

Powered with artificial intelligence technology.
Smooth and seamless switch.
Take too much storage space.
DeepFake Studio DeepFake App

10. FaceMagic

Do you want to be Gal Gadot in the Wonder Woman movie? Or do you want to look like you attended the recent Met Gala? Use FaceMagic to create realistic face-swapping. With this deepfake app, you can change faces in any video, image, and even GIF.

Straightforward interface.
Include gender swap.
Not too accurate for face swapping.
Facemagic DeepFake App

11. Wombo

If you want to look like your favorite singer and do a lip-sync, Wombo as your deepfake app will not let you down. It offers the essential tool to make hilarious singing powered by AI technology.

Easy steps to edit photos and video.
Import desired music background.
Sometimes crashes or lags.
Wombo DeepFake App

12. Face Swap Booth

This deepfake app is specifically designed to make you and your friends laugh! Enjoy face swapping with Face Swap Booth's unlimited features to make you look like your favorite celebrity or artist.

Come with pre-loaded celebrity faces.
Automatically detects faces.
Complex editing with many options.
Face Swap Booth DeepFake App

13. FaceApp

FaceApp is famous for being the most popular deepfake editor. It neatly categorizes all the face-swapping options to help you choose the best editing tool you need. What’s more, you can edit a live-action video with beautiful filters to apply.

Face swap options like old, young, etc.
Various effects like backgrounds, effects, and more.
Too many advertisements.
FaceApp DeepFake App

Bonus Tips: Make Your Photo Bigger without Blurring

Now you get a realistic-looking picture. What if it is too small for printing or posting? If you want to make a picture without losing quality, it is highly suggested to use AI Image Upscaler. Here you can upscale a selfie, portrait, and other kinds of picture by 200%, 400%, 600%, or 800%. There is no watermark. So you don’t need to pay for extra fees. It is 100% free and safe to upscale images online with AnyRec.

FAQs about the Popular Deepfake Apps


Using a deepfake app is enjoyable when combining or changing your face with your favorite idol. It also makes you laugh hard if you swap the faces of one of your friends or family members. Since the 2023 Christmas is coming, you can replace your face with those Christmas movies. Don't forget to add Christmas songs to welcome the Christmas season. Share your creation with them and have a good time!

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