8 Ways to Convert HEIC to PNG on Windows/Mac/Android/iPhone

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Since the release of Apple 11, the captured photos on the device will be saved as HEIC. The format imposes lesser space and better image quality compared to JPEG. But many people still want to convert HEIC to PNG because it is still not the standard. And despite Apple’s support for the new format, other platforms and operating systems can only support other image formats. In case you don’t want to lose the photo quality, it is best to convert HEIC to PNG, and this post has the best recommendations.

5 Ways to Convert HEIC to PNG Online/Windows/Mac

Downloading a converting program can be risky for the device and consume too much space. On the other hand, online converters are as effective for HEIC conversion. See the table for the recommended tools.

Tools Batch Conversion File Size Limit Price
AnyRec Free HEIC Converter Supported 5MB Free
CloudConvert Supported Unlimited Free
heic2png Supported 5MB Free
FreeConvert Supported 1GB Free, Premium
Convertio Supported 100MB Free, Premium

1. AnyRec Free HEIC Converter Online

AnyRec Free HEIC Converter Online is 100% free to access on any browser. AnyRec supports HEIC conversion by batches, so you can easily upload files while it processes each photo. When it comes to the menu, it is clean from advertisements, which helps to focus its algorithm on producing high-quality photos at a great pace. Meanwhile, this converter protects the EXIF data, which includes the date, GPS location, dimension, and other details. Try AnyRec Free HEIC Converter Online now!


◆ Free online converter without installing a launcher.

◆ Convert HEIC to a standard format without losing data.

◆ Fast-process speed even while uploading more files.

◆ No requirements for creating an account or paying.

Step 1.Visit the online HEIC Converter. Click the “Add HEIC/HEIF Files” button to upload your HEIC images.

AnyRec Add Heic

Step 2.Click the “Download” button to export the converted pictures.

AnyRec Process

2. CloudConvert

For CloudConvert, changing the file extension is only a simple task. CloudConvert is a safe tool that provides a simple conversion interface yet is filled with options to edit the width, fit, quality, height, and strip. It also allows batch conversion for multiple types of images, which you can edit individually. The best part of this HEIC to PNG converter is its wide range of supported formats, so converting to any output format will be effortless.

◆ Convert for free without registration.

◆ No file size limit.

◆ Fast-speed conversion.

◆ Real-time preview before downloading.

Step 1.From the main interface, set the input and output formats inside the two boxes at the upper right.

CloudConvert Select File

Step 2.Click the “Select File” button to import an image from your folder. You can also choose to edit the advanced options or settings.

Step 3.Once done, click the “Convert” button to start the process. Download the PNG image and repeat the converting procedure.

3. heic2png

A great alternative to online conversion. This tool is free to access with a clean interface with effective features to convert. Other than this, users can also change the language setting other than English, such as Indonesian, Spanish, Portuguese, and so on. Remember that the website is only for HEIC to PNG, and other formats are unsupported.

◆ Reliable conversion speed.

◆ Support batch conversion.

◆ Formats are interchangeable.

◆ Simple overlay for easy navigation.

Step 1.Click the “Upload Files” button or drop the image from your folder to upload.

Step 2.After converting, click the “Download” button to export the PNG photos.

Heic2Png Download

4. FreeConvert

Do you need a converter with configurable image settings? Check out FreeConvert with its intuitive interface and generous advanced settings. The tool allows you to upload from different sources like Google Drive, Dropbox, and URLs. Unlike other HEIC to PNG converters, FreeConvert supports 1GB of upload, but it can make unlimited when you purchase one of its plans.

◆ Fast upload and convert process.

◆ Determine compression level.

◆ Support batch conversion.

◆ No interrupting advertisements.

Step 1.Go to the official website and choose the source or platform to upload the file.

Free Convert

Step 2.The settings will be on the Cog icon, where you can edit the compression level, quality, and other information. Click the “Convert” button to convert to PNG.

5. Convertio

Convertio is one of the most popular tools you can find online. It gains popularity because of simple conversion and high security regarding user privacy. Although you can only upload a file within 100MB, Convertio offers more functions when you sign up or create an account. With this, HEIC conversion is a simple task.

◆ Support a wide range of image types.

◆ Upload files from the local folder, Dropbox, etc.

◆ Offer other converters for documents, videos, and more.

◆ Affordable pricing plans.

Step 1.Click the “Choose File” button to import the image on the website.

Step 2.Select the output format. Click the “Convert” button to process and download.


3 Ways to Convert HEIC to PNG on Android/iPhone

Since iOS mostly produces HEIC images, you can convert your pictures directly on your phone. You can find conversion apps here for Android and iPhone.

Apps Supported OS Output Formats Price
Heic to JPG/PNG/WEBP Converter Android JPEG, PNG, WEBP Free, In-app purchases
HEIC to JPG Converter Android, iOS JPEG, PNG Free
The Image Converter iOS JPEG, SVG, GIF, PSD, etc. Free, In-app purchases

1. HEIC to JPG/PNG/WEBP Converter

HEIC to JPG Converter

It is an easy-to-use app that allows you to convert pictures to popular formats like HEIC, JPG, PNG, and so on. It is a good option for Android users since it covers all formats that they will need. The drawback is the often updates, causing random crashes when using the app.

2. HEIC to JPG Converter

HEIC Converter

The app also converts HEIC to PNG with options to remove or keep the EXIF metadata. It is one of the unique converters to use on Android and iOS because it keeps the original quality while no payment is involved.

3. The Image Converter

The Image Converter

It is an iOS app that quickly changes the file extensions of your pictures. Besides standard formats, the Image Converter supports GIF, EPS, EXR, ICO, WBMP, TIFF, and many more. The conversion only takes less than fifteen seconds, so you can immediately AirDrop photos to other devices.

FAQs about HEIC to PNG


HEIC has the potential to become the next standard format for pictures. But for now, you can convert HEIC to PNG to open photos for an effortless sending process to another device. Meanwhile, converting HEIC to JPEG with AnyRec Free HEIC Converter Online is also suggested to preserve the original quality of your favorite photos.

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