Yes, CloudConvert Is Safe to Use, Here're Reasons to Prove It

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Jan 18, 2023 (Updated: Jan 18, 2023)Filed to: Review

CloudConvert uses trusted cloud service providers with AWS. It is free to change file formats online. CloudConvert is best for beginners to handle online video/audio/image/document conversions (up to 25 conversions per day).

If you need to convert more, you can buy its 1,000 conversion credits at $17.00, or you can get full version of AnyRec Video Converter (starts from $11.48) to convert and edit files in 1000+ formats offline.

Free Download

100% Secure

Free Download

100% Secure

Is Cloudconvert Safe

No matter which file format you want to change, you can always get a lot of file converters. CloudConvert is a popular tool that appears in the top Google search results. You can convert video/audio/CAD/vector/image/spreadsheet/presentation and many other types of files online for free. But the question is how trustworthy CloudConvert is. Is CloudConvert safe to use? Can it be your safest file converter? Instead of a quick Yes or No answer, why not continue reading and get more detailed information?

1. What Is CloudConvert

Here is a brief introduction to CloudConvert. Founded in 2012, CloudConvert is devoted to providing free online file converters and editors worldwide. You can use CloudConvert to convert, optimize, and edit files online for free. There is no need to download any software or app. Just visit on your Chrome, Safari, Edge, Firefox, and other browsers. Later, you can find a certain CloudConvert free tool to solve the incompatibility issue. By the way, there are multiple CloudConvert APIs for end users and cooperating customers.

Cloudconvert Toools

2. Is CloudConvert Safe to Use

Then here comes the vital point of this article. Is it safe to convert files with CloudConvert? It is not a good experience to see your file on someone’s phone, computer, or even server. Well, CloudConvert announces that all your data is safe. Check the following information to know how CloudConvert handles your files and personal information.

CloudConvert promises that they will not open, copy, or share your files, and your account information. It’s okay if you want to convert or edit common files. It does not matter a lot if you suffer from data leakage. However, if you want to convert essential media files that you don’t want to show to the second person, it is highly suggested to use offline video converter software.

3. How Does CloudConvert Work

You can follow the steps below if you trust that CloudConvert is a safe file converter. Here is a quick CloudConvert tutorial for beginners.

Step 1.Visit the CloudConvert official website.

Step 2.Click the "Select File" button. You can upload files from your computer, URL, Dropbox, Google Drive, or OneDrive.

Step 3.Find and click the dropdown arrow next to "Convert to." You can select the output file format.

Step 4.Click the "Settings" button to adjust advanced settings, including resolution, frame rate, etc.

Step 5.Click the "Convert" button to start online conversion.

Step 6.After converting, you can click the "Download" button to save.

Convert with Cloudconvert

4. CloudConvert Review: What I Liked and Disliked

In most cases, CloudConvert is safe and legit to use. But can CloudConvert be your best file converter? It depends. You can check the following advantages and disadvantages of it.

Convert up to 25 conversions per day for free based on the free plan.
Change file formats from your internal storage space, online sources, and popular cloud storage spaces.
Support 200+ formats in video, audio, image, ebook, document, spreadsheet, archive, and presentation.
Provide APIs to handle online conversions with custom workflows.
Straightforward and easy-to-use interface. No popups or annoying ads.
Lack of basic video/audio editing tools.
It takes a long time to upload and convert large-sized files.
Need to restart or re-upload files occasionally.
No batch download button. If you convert files in bulk, you need to click its Download button one by one manually.
There is no CloudConvert desktop or mobile version. Users cannot convert files offline.

2 Best CloudConvert Alternatives

Check those online CloudConvert alternatives and competitors to get a better experience.

1. Convert to Popular Video/Audio Format

AnyRec Free Online Video Converter can convert files to MP4, MP3, WebM, GIF, M4R, AAC, and other popular formats. It is also supported to convert video to YouTube and Facebook supported formats. Moreover, you can export video up to 1080P resolution.

AnyRec Free Online Video Converter

2. Convert Files to 1100+ Formats

Compared with CloudConvert, Zamzar provides much more output formats. Once the online file conversion finishes, Zamzar can send you an email too. However, the Zamzar free users can convert files up to 50 MB for free. The online CloudConvert alternative stores your files for 24 hours. If you are okay with that, it is a good choice too.

Convert with Zamzar

5. FAQs of CloudConvert


In short, CloudConvert is safe to use on most occasions. It is good to use CloudConvert to convert unimportant files into small sizes. There are no hidden fees. You won’t be charged unreasonable fees. Its CAD converter, font converter, and vector converter are also helpful. But if you want to convert and edit essential files, you had better use desktop tools. Disconnect your computer from any network. It will never be too much to keep files safe.

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