Honest Review of Upscale.media and Alternatives on Windows/Mac

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Image upscaling tools have become essentials for everyone that need to enhance their pictures. Many people have read reviews of Upscale.media and wonder whether it is worth using. With Artificial Intelligence continually advancing, improving digital pictures has become less challenging. This is one of the advantages of Upscale.media, and it is a user-friendly online tool you can use for free. But before jumping to the utility of this photo editor, let’s see its detailed overview and how it can help to enhance images.

Part 1: What is Upscale.media

Upscale.media is known for its state-of-art AI algorithm to enhance pictures. It is a free online editor that supports image types such as PNG, JPEG, and WEBP. Low-resolution photos can be upscaled up to 4x without compromising the original quality. The enhancement also maintains the smoothness of the picture’s texture to make it look more realistic even after processing it. This upscale online tool is for everyone that wants to improve photographs for E-commerce, business, professional, and personal purposes.

Key Features:

Real-time preview with a side-by-side comparison.
Enhancement options to balance the sharpness and softness.
No watermark is applied to downloaded photos.
Limited supported input formats without an option for output formats.

Part 2: Top 5 Alternatives of Upscale.media

Upscale.media is almost perfect for photo enhancement but is not flexible regarding supported formats. To solve this problem, it is suggested to have an alternative tool for image upscaling, and this part will reveal five tools you can try.

1. AnyRec AI Image Upscaler Online

AnyRec AI Image Upscaler Media

AnyRec is the most recommended tool to upscale images. It is free to use without requiring users to log in or create an account. This alternative enhances photos by up to 800% without distorting the quality and even fixes the blurred spaces. It surpasses traditional image enlarging methods like PhotoZoom because of the latest AI technology and easy-to-use process. AnyRec AI Image Upscaler Online is an accessible Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android tool.


100% free without launcher installation.
No advertisements in any part of the webpage.
Only allow photos up to 10MB.

2. Scale

Scale Forge

Scale is one of the best tools made by Scale AI that helps to generate picture in high quality. It is suitable for product photos, advertisements, and more. Its algorithms include enriching scenes with pop-up colors and excellent resolution to depixelate the picture. Scale is a great alternative if you wish for guaranteed results for your pictures. For convenience, you can try the free trial version by creating an account on the website.

Built-in themes and background to let users experiments with photo editing.
Generate photos by inputting short descriptions.
Does not support Gmail or Yahoo accounts.

3. Microlink.io

Microlink IO

This Upscale.media alternative is a multifunctional online tool with reliable high-level API to create browsers for businesses and developers. Since photos are required for making your interface, Microlink will generate them for you. Aside from photos, it also helps to create other elements, such as logos, PDFs, and Insights. It is an excellent solution for a fully programmable browser.

An open-source solution for editing.
Support browsers without servers to maintain.
Complex tool for beginners.

4. Imagen


Imagen is a downloadable tool for Windows and macOS that helps to enhance photos. It allows one to edit skin tones by adjusting the white balance, clarity, and vibrance. Since it is best for camera shots, many users find Imagen excellent in enhancing JPEG and RAW files like weddings, parties, etc. The Upscale.media alternative offers an affordable $0.05 per photo with extensive editing features.

Consistently provide pre-built styles for various edits.
Improve images with AI to perform the best photo editing styles.
Only support uploads from the Lightroom Classic catalog.

5. Zyro AI Image Upscaler

Zyro AI Image Upscaler

The online photo editor is an excellent solution to enhance resolution and quality. It enhances camera shots that take an unblurred picture with just a few clicks and adjustments. The best part of Zyro is that you can use its tool for free without having a watermark applied to the finished product. Moreover, you can integrate the tool into apps to create a smooth workflow.

Side-by-side preview of original and upscaled images.
No upload limits for image types like JPEG and PNG.
No additional features, such as resolution and quality adjustments.

Part 3: FAQs about Upscale.media


Upscale.media offers a free outstanding editor for low-resolution pictures powered by Artificial Intelligence. Its excellent algorithm draws users of any age because of its convenient interface that is easy to navigate. You also found the five recommended Upscale.media alternatives for photo enhancement, accessible online or by downloading the app. For better enhancement up to 800%, visit AnyRec AI Image Upscaler Online and improve resolution and quality in a hassle-free environment.

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