Program Like ImgBurn: Top 10 DVD/Blu-ray Creators on Windows/Mac

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ImgBurn has a reputation for being a lightweight disc-burning software specifically for Windows OS. Users can utilize this application to burn CDs, DVDs, and Blu-ray discs from digital files. However, ImgBurn does not offer everything, and with the recent update, many users are in doubt if Imgburn is still safe to use. Luckily, there are programs that are good alternatives to ImgBurn on Windows and Mac. Continue reading this comprehensive review to learn more about the best alternative programs like ImgBurn out there.

Top 10 Best Programs Like ImgBurn to Create DVD/Blu-ray on Windows/Mac

If you are searching for similar Imgburn software that can easily burn audio and video in DVD/Bluray discs or can do better, the answer you are looking for is here. The tools included in the list below can be acquired on your Windows or Mac, giving you plenty of options. Learn about the functions, features, pros, and cons of these programs like ImgBurn.

1. Express Burn (Windows/Mac)

Express Burn DVD Maker is a great program like ImgBurn. This tool allows fast-burning photos, audio, and video files to DVDs, CDs, and Blu-ray discs. The free version only does burn media files to CDs. You need to purchase the paid version to access all the features included.

Express Burn Program Like IMGburn
Fast speed burning and multiple file formats support.
Allows users to create and manage disc chapters.
This program like ImgBurn cannot burn MP3 files to DVD.

2. Ashampoo (Windows)

Ashampoo Burning Studio is a program like ImgBurn on Windows 10. It is a DVD, CD, and Blu-ray burning software that can quickly burn audio and video files on the said analog storage. It can also create backup files, restore data and erase rewritable discs.

Ashampoo Program Like IMGburn
Offers a wide range of customizations and editing.
Responsive customer support with goof serve.
Software setup is complicated and may take a lot of time.

3. BurnAware Free (Windows)

BurnAware is another program like ImgBurn that is not complicated to use. You can use it to write files like pictures, documents, music, videos, and archives to DVDs, CDs, and Blu-ray discs. It is also possible to make bootable and multisession discs and burn ISO images.

BurnAware Free Program Like IMGburn
Plenty of disc burning functions, even including ISO files.
Can write over-used discs.
Provide no feature to have a copy disc.

4. CDBurnerXP (Windows/Mac)

CDBurnerXP is free software that burns media files to CDs, DVDs, and Blu-ray discs. This is a program like ImgBurn, lightweight, fast, and easy to use. There is also a wide selection of extra tools that you can take advantage of to verify, erase, and recover discs.

CDVBurnerXP Program Like IMGburn
Totally free-to-use program like ImgBurn.
Support a wide range of formats.
Not usable when creating DVDs from video files.

5. AnyBurn (Windows)

AnyBurn is a powerful Windows program like ImgBurn that can burn image files, folders, and digital files to DVDs, CDs, and Blu-ray discs. The interface is convenient to use and easy to understand, a great tool for beginners.

AnyBurn Program Like IMGburn
Minimal hardware requirements.
Impressively fast performance.
Do not copy multisession discs.

6. Xilisoft (Windows/Mac)

Xilisoft Photo DVD Maker is a program like ImgBurn that burn photo to DVD on Windows/Mac in a simple process. It is one of the best solutions to convert your photo collections to DVDs. It also allows users to apply effects on photos and additional editing options like trim, rotate, crop videos, and more.

Xilisoft Program Like IMGburn
The software is fast and intuitive.
Photos will not suffer from quality loss.
Cannot split disc into shorter discs.
The program like ImgBurn misses some quality adjustment features.

7. EaseFab DVD Creator (Windows/Mac)

EaseFab DVD Creator is a fast and easy software to burn any video files to CDs and DVDs. This tool has a built-in editing option that can combine your photos, music, and videos into home movies and slideshows. You can also use templates to customize your DVD menu, making it a great program like ImgBurn.

EaseFab Program Like IMGburn
Low minimum specs requirement.
Provide powerful built-in editor tool.
Cannot split disc into shorter discs.
Limited options and video formats.

8. Wondershare DVD Creator (Windows/Mac)

Wondershare DVD Creator is a program like ImgBurn and one of the popular tools that can burn different types of files like audio, video, and photos. It can also burn files to DVD/Blu-ray discs and ISO files. Not to mention, this tool provides 100+ templates to customize the DVD menu and includes features like music, chapter creation, etc.

Wondershare Program Like IMGburn
Supports a host of audio and video formats.
With a built-in video editing tool to change the aspect ratio, add filters, etc.
Only the Windows version has the Blu-ray output support.

9. Sateira CD&DVD Burner (Windows)

Sateira CD&DVD Burner is a basic CD and DVD-burning program like ImgBurn but offers solid performance with a few advanced features. This tool can burn data and audio discs and supports multiple formats, including CD, CD-R, CD-RW, DVD, DVD-R, and DVD-RW. A tool for erasing rewritable discs is also included.

Sateira Program Like IMGburn
Requires minimal storage space.
Supports numerous audio and video disc format.
Discontinued software.
Can’t make disc from image files and copy CDs/DVDs.

10. iSkysoft (Windows/Mac)

iSkysoft DVD Maker is a great and popular ImgBurn Mac software substitute for burning video and audio files to DVD. Using this software, you can quickly burn a variety of formats to DVD. In addition, it also has its own editor that you can use to trim, rotate, flip, and add watermark on your media files.

iSkysoft Program Like IMGburn
Provides a good amount of DVD templates to match the theme.
Convenient editing function.
The software can only burn files on DVD.
DVD menu modification is limited.

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Having an alternative program like ImgBurn as a backup is necessary in case ImgBurn is not responding or working properly. I hope that this review somehow helped you decide on which to choose. If you also need convert DVD to digital videos, AnyRec Screen Recorder will give you help. More questions about programs like ImgBurn? Contact us now!

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