How to Fix Blurry Videos Sent to Me with 4 Possible Reasons

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Do you often find yourself frustrated because of the blurry videos sent on your iPhone or Android device? If yes, this is a typical issue that most people face, and it's surely annoying, leading you to ask how to fix blurry videos sent to you. Luckily, this post has you covered with the provided detailed 7 solutions to make your video not blurry anymore, alongside reasons why videos sent are blurry. Without waiting any longer, keep reading to find out how to make a video not blurry.

Why Are Videos Sent to You Blurry on Android/iPhone?

Why are videos sent to you blurry? Prior to diving into solutions to answer how to fix blurry videos sent to you, do you have any idea what’s behind those videos that got them to look bad when sent on your iPhone or Android device? Learning the potential reasons why they become blurry is essential to determine quickly what fix you should apply.

The Ultimate Way to Fix Blurry Videos Send to You [High Quality]

How to unblur a video someone sent you? Start answering the question with the ultimate way of fixing it with the AnyRec Video Enhancer solution. With clicks, you can upscale resolutions from 720p to 4K easily. Together with other enhancing solutions, like removing video noises, optimizing brightness and contrast, and minimizing shakiness in your video, you can make your video shine like never before. Furthermore, the software allows you to make further edits to your video with the cropper, rotator, flipper, trimmer, merger, and other editing tools. Explore other functionalities yourself and see what amazing things this video quality enhancer can do to your video.

AnyRec Video Enhancer Product Box
AnyRec Video Enhancer

Can upscale resolutions in one click, such as 1080p, 4K, and even 8K.

Change your video brightness, contrast, saturation, etc., for better viewing.

Multiple export formats are offered, including MP4, MKV, MOV, AVI, etc.

Also remove the shakiness and video noise to export high-quality videos.

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Free Download

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Step 1.Upon opening the AnyRec Video Enhancer, click the "Add file" to import your blurred video file. After that, click the "Enhance" button at the top.

AnyRec Add File

Step 2.The "Enhance window" will open, where you can fix the blurry videos you received by clicking the "Upscale resolution" box. Click the "Apply" button to save.


If you want, you can make further edits by clicking other tabs above, like Rotate, Crop, Effects, and others.

AnyRec Upscale Resolution

Step 3.In the main window, set the filename and path by clicking the drop-down menu button specified for each. Lastly, click the "Convert" button.

AnyRec Convert
Free Download

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Free Download

100% Secure

Use Free Online Tools to Fix Blurry Videos Sent to You

Besides software, nothing beats an online tool when it comes to an easy process of fixing your blurry videos. Offered here to you are the top three online tools that can help you answer "How to fix blurry videos sent to me?"

1. Clideo

A web-based tool that can help you in making videos clearer online for free. Whether your video is blurry or has bad lighting, you can rely on Clideo to give you the fix you need for a better watching experience.

Step 1.After searching the Clideo Video Clearer on a web browser, click the "Choose File" button to import your blurry video to fix.

Step 2.Then drag the slider of brightness and contrast to unblur the video. Click the "Export" button once finished.

Clideo Online Clearer

2. Flixier

How to make a blurry video clear? With Flixier as your online tool, you can fix the blurriness of the video sent with the easy-to-operate moving sliders. Check out below the complete steps on how this online tool works.

Step 1.Search the Flixier Video Clearer on your fav web browser, then click the "Choose Video" button to open your blurry video.

Step 2.Drag it straight to the editing timeline and head to the "Color" menu, where you’ll adjust the color to improve the brightness, contrast, hue, etc. Lastly, click the "Export" button to save the fixed blurry videos.

Flixier Online Clearer

3. FlexClip

As for this online tool, FlexClip lets you modify the video settings and change effects through sliders, too, to unblur your video and make it clearer. It comes with a full set of tools that can help the video quality reach the next level. Here’s how to make a video not blurry with FlexClip:

Step 1.Once you’ve opened the FlexClip editor online, upload your video by clicking one of the upload methods; otherwise, drag and drop it straight.

Step 2.Click the "Adjust" tab and move each slider for video effects, like contrast, tint, exposure, etc., to make things right in your video. Next, click the "Export" button.

Flexchip Online Clearer

Adjust the Video Playback Settings to Fix Blurry Videos

Suppose using assistance tools to unblur videos is not your forte; you could try adjusting the video playback settings on your device, which may help you answer how to fix blurry videos sent to me. Here’s how:

For iPhone:

Enter the "Settings" app, scroll down, and locate the "Photos & Camera". Under it, tap "Record Video", and there, select a higher resolution from the listed options.

For Android:

On the Settings app, scroll down and tap "Display". Depending on what appears on your device, tap the "Advanced" or "Screen Resolution" option; select the higher one from the listed resolutions.

Receive Videos via Email – Avoid Transfer Compression

If you received blurry videos through text messages, why not ask them to send videos via email? This method is best to help reduce the compression applied to the video when sent to a text message; it can also improve quality, especially if sending videos from iPhone to Android.

Step 1.Start by slipping into your "Gallery/Photos". Then, find the video you want to send via email. Once you’ve seen it, please tap on it.

Step 2.Tap the "Share" button and find the "Mail" option from the pop-up sharing methods. Later, fill in the bar with the correct information of the receiver.

Step 3.Tap on the "Send" button above. Kindly check now if the video you’ve sent is blurry; if not, you’ve successfully answered how to make a video not blurry.

Send Video via Email

How to Fix Sent Blurry Videos through iCloud/Dropbox

Aside from using email, another best way to improve the video quality you receive and will be sent in the future is through cloud services, like iCloud (for iPhone) and Dropbox. Each has its benefits, but one thing’s sure: both can minimize the amount of compression used for your videos. See which cloud service method fits right to answer how to fix blurry videos sent to me.

For iCloud:

Step 1.Ensure the iCloud Photos is enabled on your Settings. Do this by getting into "Settings", tapping on your "Apple ID" above, entering the "iCloud" section, and then going to "Photos".

Step 2.Now, your entire library is synced to iCloud. You can access it on any device if you log in to your Apple ID account and access iCloud Photos. From there, you can download the video unblur.

Enable iCloud Photos

For Dropbox:

Step 1.Inside the Dropbox app, tap the "Add" or the "Upload" button to store a video. You can store your video in a folder or not. Tap the "Upload" button to store your video successfully.

Step 2.Later, open Dropbox on any device, log into the exact account, and download the video unblur to your device.

Store Video on Dropbox



That’s everything for the question of how to fix blurry videos sent to me. With the given 7 solutions, if all goes well with one of each, you are not watching your video with full enjoyment. But to not waste your time trying all methods, go straight to AnyRec Video Enhancer, which can guarantee you a seamless and high-quality video after fixing the blurry videos. Download it today, say goodbye to the bad-quality video, and start enjoying quality footage on all your devices.

Free Download

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Free Download

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