How to Change eBay Profile Picture to Attract Customers [Tutorial]

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A seller profile picture on eBay or other online marketplaces is one reason that significantly impacts sales. Whether you’re a seller or buyer, you will agree that the eBay profile picture should make a good impression, as well as on other social media platforms. Therefore, you should give it time to think if you wish to increase your sales and attract more customers. Want to know how to change eBay profile picture? Read the guide below to learn how to add or change your profile photo in the marketplace.

Part 1: How to Add/Change eBay Profile Photo on Computer/Mobile

Whether you are the seller or buyer, you can change your eBay profile pictures. For sellers on eBay, as said earlier, this would help their sales and business to grow and receive more benefits. And for buyers, you may only want to change the default blank profile picture to make your account looks more beautiful. Thus, here are different ways to change the eBay profile pictures; you can accomplish it using a PC, laptop, or mobile device. If it’s your first time using eBay, you can also follow the steps below to learn how to add a profile picture on eBay.

How to Change eBay Profile Picture on a Computer?

Step 1.Open any web browser on a PC or laptop, then search for the "eBay" website. Log in with your account details. Navigate to the "My eBay" at the upper right of the screen. Then, select "Summary" and click the "Edit Profile" option.

My eBay

Step 2.At the top right corner of the profile picture, you will see the "Pencil" icon; click on it, then click "Change photo". Now, from a folder on your PC, select one image to be your eBay profile picture, click "Open", then wait for it to be uploaded. Click "Done Editing" once finished.

eBay Change Photo

How to Change eBay Profile Picture on Mobile?

Since you can’t change the eBay profile on the mobile app, you should go to the browser version to achieve this operation.

Step 1.Open "Chrome" or "Safari" on your mobile device, then search for the eBay official page. Tap on the "Menu" icon, then log in to your eBay account. Click the "Profile" icon, then complete the necessary fields. After that, tap "Continue", then "Account".

Step 2.Enter the "Personal Information" section, where you must sign in your complete details. Locate the "three vertical dots", then select "Desktop site" among other options to load the desktop version.

Desktop Site

Step 3.Log into your account to enter the eBay main page. Find your name on the page, then select the "Edit Profile" option. Next, tap the "Pencil" icon at the upper left of the default profile to upload an image from your phone. Tap "Done Editing" when completed. You have now successfully changed your eBay profile picture!

eBay Edit Profile

Part 2: Recommended Tips on Customizing Your eBay Profile Photo

After learning how to add and change profile picture on eBay, here are also many tips to customize pictures and create a good eBay profile picture. It is the first thing buyers will notice on your eBay account, so having the best profile photo is undoubtedly required. In this case, consider the tips listed to help you select your amazing eBay profile picture.

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Part 3: FAQs about How to Add/Change eBay Profile Photo


Feel free to use the tips in changing your eBay profile picture, then follow the guide on how to change it on the computer and mobile devices. Among the recommended tips is the format required in eBay, don’t forget to visit the AnyRec Free Image Converter to do some conversion of unsupported file formats to JPG, PNG, and GIF. And then, you can start changing your eBay profile pictures now.

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