How to Fix 0xc10100aa on Windows 11/10 to Play Videos

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Facing such errors during video playback is a headache, like the 0xc10100aa error code, which occurs mainly on the Movies & TV app in Windows. The error message indicates that there might be a missing codec, incomplete downloading, or the file is open to another app, thus resulting in the error code. As there are various reasons why it comes out, the good news is that there are solutions to fix 0xc10100aa, as well. Read on to the following to discover all of them!

Why You Face 0xc10100aa Error Code in Movie & TV App

As said, the 0xc10100aa typically arises on Windows whenever you try to play video files using WMP or the Movies & TV app. Hence, to figure out quickly what solution to look for, it’s suggested that you know what causes the issue to stop you from a smooth playback. Get to know them below:

Unsupported format. If the video file you’ve wanted to play for some time now is not supported on the Movies & TV app, you will probably get the error code. It’s worth noting that the player supports formats like MP4, MKV, and AVI.

Lack of unnecessary codecs. As you’re aware, codecs are special components of a video, so when there’s a particular codec missing, it might result in the error code 0xc10100aa you’re facing right now.

Out-of-date app version. Playing a video file in an outdated player is prone to many issues, so you’re getting nothing besides the error code.

Issues inside the app or system. Problems within the system or software are also grounds that can affect the video playback.

The video file is damaged or corrupt. Undoubtedly, if the file itself is corrupted, there’s no way the Movies & TV app or other players can play your file, leading to a 0xc10100aa error.

6 Efficient Methods to Fix 0xc10100aa Error and Play Videos

After knowing the potential causes, finding which solution to apply gets much easier now. Below are the fixes that can help you resolve the 0xc10100aa error code.

Method 1. Repair Corrupted Videos

First off, faulty video files are a far more likely source of the 0xc10100aa issue in your case. Luckily, AnyRec Video Repair can fix nearly all types of damaged, corrupt, unplayable videos and those that face error codes. It also covers retrieving those priceless moments from your computers, cameras, phones, and other devices. Using this repair software, you can receive a preview of the fixed videos without 0xc10100aa error and obtain the results quickly.

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AnyRec Video Repair

Rescue HD footage from cameras, computers, dash cams, recorders, etc.

Corrupted video files can be quickly fixed, along with playback error codes.

Don’t let your video files’ quality, integrity, and structure get compromised.

After the video gets fixed, the software won’t save any of your data.

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Step 1.After opening AnyRec Video Repair, click the left "Add" button to open your corrupt video. Then, import your sample video using the right "Add" button.

Import Video

Step 2.Click the "Repair" button to initiate the fixing process. Once it has concluded, click the "Preview" button to see how it displays.


Step 3.Double-check that all settings, including bitrate, resolution, duration, and others, are perfect for you, and then click the "Save" button.

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Free Download

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Method 2. Update Your Windows System.

Aside from getting the video fixed directly, keeping your system up-to-date is vital to function correctly. Having an outdated one for a long time might not have features to play videos, which is why you get nothing but the 0xc10100aa error code on the Movies & TV app.

Step 1.Head to "Windows Settings", then select the "Update & Security" option. From the left panel, be sure to choose "Windows Update".

Step 2.Fortunately, if one is available, instantly click "Download and Install". Otherwise, click the "Check for Update" button to detect if there are any available updates.

Update your Windows System

Method 3: Remove Temporary Files.

All temporary files on your Windows computer may include glitches or malware that prevents the Movies & TV app from playing videos. So, a way to fix 0xc10100aa on Windows 10/11 is to get rid of all unnecessary files. Here are the steps to do it:

Step 1.Access the "Run" command prompt by holding the "Windows + R" keys. After that, use the search bar to type %temp%, then click the "OK" button.

Step 2.Inside the folder, select all the extra files you wish to eliminate, right-click, and then decide on the "Delete" option from the drop-down menu.

Remove Temporary Files

Method 4: Uninstall and then Reinstall the Movies & TV app.

After deleting, and, you’re still getting the long 0xc10100aa error message, consider uninstalling then reinstalling the player. Doing so will surely help fix minor glitches and bugs happening to the player. Comply with the instructions below from uninstalling to reinstalling the Movies & TV app.

Step 1.Simply do it by searching for the "Movies & TV" app in the Windows search bar, right-click, and choose "Uninstall". Click the "Yes" button to verify the uninstalling action.

Step 2.Later, move over to the "Microsoft Store", search for the "Movies & TV" app. Then download and install it once again to check if there is 0xc10100aa error.

Uninstall Movies and TV

Method 5: Consider Another Media Player.

If you particularly experience the 0xc10100aa error code problem on the Movies & TV app, why not try an alternative? Thankfully, as technology advances, you have a wider choice of video players like VLC, KMPlayer, 5K Player, PotPlayer, and more to play video files. Each contains built-in codecs and can play a large number of video and audio files.

Use Another Player

Method 6: Update Your System Graphic Drivers.

At last, take note that apart from regularly updating your system, you must also have up-to-date graphic drivers. Doing so won’t only help resolve the 0xc10100aa error code but will also have a significant impact on your computer system’s performance.

Step 1.To open the "Run" command prompt, first press the "Windows + R" keys. Then, type devmgmt.msc, press Enter to run the Device Manager window.

Step 2.Locate the "Display Adapters" category, then click its side arrow to view your graphics card. Right-click on your graphic driver, and click "Update Driver" from the drop-down menu that appears.

Step 3.Lastly, favor "Search automatically for updated driver software". It won’t take long for your system to find and update your computer’s driver. In this way, you can easily fix 0xc10100aa error.

Update Driver

5 Tips to Prevent 0xc10100aa Error Occur on Windows 11/10

Though it’s nice to know the solutions to fix 0xc10100aa, wouldn't it be much nicer not to encounter the error code? Before ending this post, give yourself time to see some tips to stop the error code 0xc10100aa from occurring.

1. Avoid damaging your video files.

Especially when downloading or transferring your video from one location to another, be sure to achieve it properly and thoroughly. Know that this is the most likely reason why the 0xc10100aa happened.

2. Make use of a system file checker.

Some of your files might get corrupted without your knowledge, interrupting your smooth playback experience. Thus, using a file checker can help detect corrupted files.

3. Keep yourself away from untrustworthy downloads.

Be sure not to download video files from untrusted sites, as they may contain malware that can affect your files. In that case, you may get video files with 0xc10100aa error.

4. Abstain from getting the Movies & TV app crash.

There’s no way you can play your videos if the player often crashes. Hence, try not to do anything that could cause it to crash, like changing its location, having too many running apps when using it, etc.

5. Update the WMP codecs.

Of course, codecs for WMP must be updated, not just the system and driver, if you wish for smooth video playback. You can easily do it through the Tools tab of the WMP, go to Options, open the Player tab, and click on the checkbox of "Download codecs" automatically.



Error codes like 0xc10100aa are something that everyone is not happy to see since they interrupt the time that should be spent watching video content. Today, with the solutions above, you perhaps work on the problem and now enjoy your video on Windows 11/10. If you ever experience a corrupted video file, don’t hesitate to call AnyRec Video Repair for help. The software will gladly help you if your file is unplayable, damaged, facing playback errors, and more. Download it today and experience its high-quality repair!

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Free Download

100% Secure

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