Can't Share Posts to Instagram Story? Know Why and What to Do

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You may stay connected by sharing your precious moments on Instagram posts and stories. Although IG has many unique features that let individuals have lots of engagement, you may wonder why can’t you share posts to Instagram story sontimes. Look no further except to this step-by-step complete tutorial to fix your sharing of post-to-story problems. You can start by checking the reasons and ways to fix unable to share posts on Instagram story in the following parts.

Why Can’t You Share Posts to Instagram Story – Detailed Reasons

Before fixing your IG can’t share post to the story problem, you have to determine first why you are unable to post. Several factors trigger this issue, like having a private Instagram account, an outdated version, or even a poor connection, which affect the can’t share posts to a story on Instagram issue.

1. Private Instagram Account. If you’re looking for the "Add Post to Story" button on your post and cannot find it, your account type is Private. A post from a private account isn't allowed to be shared publicly to your IG story, that’s why you’re experiencing the IG can’t share post-to story issue here.

2. Sharing Permission is Disabled. Beside the account type, you should also check the permission you turned on for your IG account. Clearly, you can’t add their posts to your stories if they have been disabled from sharing.

3. Instagram Glitches. Lastly, the final reason why you can’t share post to story on Instagram is that the app might also have problems inside it, like glitches or bugs. It can be caused by not updating the Instagram app for a long time. Thus, ensure that you regularly update it as the application frequently releases updates to maintain smooth performance.

6 Workable Ways to Fix the Can’t Share Posts to Instagram Story Issue

Now, it’s time for you to get out of the can’t share post to story on Instagram problem with the provided 6 solutions in this part. Some are equivalent to the listed reasons, and some may need help from others. But, overall, you can solve the sharing issue with their help.

Way 1. Reset the Sharing Option

It’s possible that toggling the sharing option to turn it off and back on will simply solve unable to post on Instagram story. It might have happened because of a minor glitch, and the sharing option needs a restart. Here’s how to find the Allow Sharing to Story button:

Step 1.Tap your "Profile" icon, then enter the menu with three lines at the top right corner.

Step 2.Go to "Privacy" and scroll down to find the "Allow sharing to story" button under "Sharing." Ensure to toggle it off and turn it back on after a few seconds.

Reset Sharing Option

Way 2. Ensure that the Account is in Public

As said, having a private account will introduce you to the "can't share post to IG story" situation. Here’s all you need to do to make your account go Public.

Step 1.Enter your "Profile," then tap on the "three-line" icon that is horizontally positioned.

Step 2.Select "Settings and Privacy." Under "Account Privacy," tap the "Private Account" switch button to deactivate it.

Make Your Account Public

Way 3. Re-install Instagram

Reinstalling the Instagram app has a higher chance that you will resolve the why can’t I share a post to my story question. You can rest easy as reinstalling the app won’t affect any data, like your posts and followers.

Long tap "Instagram" and select the "Uninstall" button on Android or "Remove App" button on iPhone. You can also go to Google Play or App Store to unintall and download Instagram app again.

Reinstall Instagram

Way 4. Update the Application

As you all know, an outdated version is open to bugs, glitches, and many app performance issues. Instagram may be facing the issue that leads you to ask why can’t you share a post to Instagram story. So, please check if there’s an available Instagram update, then install it right away.

For iPhone:

You can get this done through the "App Store." Go to your "Profile" and scroll down to see all the listed apps with available updates.

iPhone Update Instagram

For Android:

Open the "Google Play Store," go to the installed apps, and locate "Instagram." Tap the "Update" option if there’s one.

Android Update Instagram

Way 5. Get the Latest Device Update

Similar to the outdated application, using an outdated version of your device affects the entire performance of your device, including applications. For this reason, Instagram is not exempted from slow performance and issues such as can’t share post to IG story. Moreover, you can’t even post anything on Instagram.

For iPhone:

Head to the "Settings" app and enter the "General" section. From there, go to the "Software Update" and instantly tap "Download and Install" if an update is available.

iPhone Update

For Android:

Open the "Settings" app on your device, go to "System," then "System/Software Update." Check if an update status is available, and update it immediately.

Android Update

Way 6. Contact Instagram for Support

Now, if none of those have worked and you have no choice but to fix the can’t share post to IG story problem, try contacting for Instagramsupport. Report the issue you are having regarding the Instagram Story sharing.

Step 1.Open the Instagram app, then enter your "Profile." After that, locate the "Settings" option and go to "Help".

Step 2.A "Report a Problem" prompt will appear; please tap on it. Type your issues into the box; adding a screenshot will help.

Step 3.Aftewrad, tap the "Submit" button. You just have to wait for the Instagram team to help you resolve the issue.

Contact IG Support

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FAQs about Instagram Not Letting You Share Posts to Story


That's it! You answered your question in the first part, "Why can’t I share posts to my Instagram story?" You’ve learned the three leading possible causes of the said issue, one of which is privacy concerns. After that, 6 solutions are provided so that you enjoy and have the best experience reposting someone’s post to your IG story or vice versa. Don’t forget about the program that will help you create the best post to be shared on social media platforms, AnyRec Video Converter! Feel free to use the program’s beautiful features.

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