6 Best Android Screen Mirroring Apps to Cast Phone on PC/TV

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Nov 18, 2022 (Updated: Dec 12, 2022)Filed to: Android

Sometimes, the Android phone screen could not meet the big screen requirement. So, many people are looking for mirror apps for Android to enjoy a big screen. They may want to use the big screen to watch videos and photos together or need a bigger screen to have a phone game. No matter what you want to do, this post will give you 6 Android screen mirror apps. So you can cast your Android phone screen to the computer or TV.

Part 1: Top 6 Apps to Cast Your Android Screen

1. AnyRec Phone Mirror

The first mirror app for Android is AnyRec Phone Mirror. As the name suggests, you can see this software is a professional app for you to mirror your phone. This software focuses on Android screen mirroring to Windows, including the latest Android 12. Users can cast multiple mobile phone screen video and audio to a PC via Wi-Fi, USB connection, or QR code smoothly and stably.

If you want to use an app for Android to mirror videos, photos, or even games on the big screen, this is the perfect app for you. Moreover, this is more than just a mirror app for Android. You can also use it to cast your iOS device. So, do not worry about the platform limitation. You can use this AnyRec Phone Mirror to launch any system to a computer. The screen recording features could also help you capture your phone screen on your computer.

Anyrec Phone Mirror
AnyRec Phone Mirror
AnyRec Phone Mirror

Cast phone games to a PC screen to get a big-screen experience.

Mirror all apps and phone activities to your computer without lag.

Record your phone screen along with your computer with high quality.

Stream media files and more to all video platforms in real-time.

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2. LetsView

LetsView is a free screen mirror app for Android. You can broadcast your desktop screen to another device. It’s totally compatible and works on Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, Chromebooks, etc.


1. Offers screenshots and screen recording.

2. Support the wireless connection with phone and PC.

3. Act as a whiteboard for drawing on the computer.

3. MirrorTo

MirrorTo is another best screen mirroring app for Android. This app helps you to screen-share your Android to a PC effortlessly. Moreover, it offers you to control your phone with a large screen from a computer. You can even record or capture screens with this software.


1. Cast live streaming to the computer.

2. Both Android and iOS compatibility.

3. Have the in-app displays and audio.

4. Google Home

Google Home is an Android mirror app allowing you to cast your screen to larger screens and turn any TV into a computer. Moreover, if you want to use your phone's screen on television, this is also an excellent app to make that happen. Moreover, if you have other Google devices or software, you can also use this software to control them.

Google Home

1. Cast your screen from your device to your TV.

2. Manage and control other Google devices.

3. Stream a live show on TV with Chromecast.

5. TeamViewer

TeamViewer facilitates communication between colleagues or clients as it is optimized to work with almost ten different platforms, including macOS, Android, and iOS. It connects computers to share screens online remotely and allows network monitoring. It is trendy for mobile screen sharing and remote access. You can use it as an Android mirror app to do a presentation and record the meeting.


1. Leave sticky notes on remote computers.

2. All TeamViewer connections are end-to-end encrypted.

3. Deploy TeamViewer on hundreds of devices at once.

6. iMediaShare – Photos & Music

The iMediaShare app is the most straightforward mirror app for Android. There are different buttons for you to mirror videos, photos, music, and even a dedicated button for Facebook. You can tap the button to mirror the corresponding media files.


1. Have a simple and easy-to-use interface.

2. Support a fast connection when mirroring the phone.

3. Transfer files between the phone and PC.

Part 2: FAQs about Mirroring App for Android


After you see these six mirror apps for Android, you may have your own thought about which one is suited for you. Google Home is the best app for people who want to cast their phone on TV. But if you want to mirror your phone to a computer, AnyRec Phone Mirror is the best choice. The multiple mirror features like screenshots or recordings could give you the best experience.

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