PowerPoint Screen Recording Not Working - 5 Best Solutions

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When you have a large presentation file to share, it should be a headache if PowerPoint screen recording not working. Whether the camera cannot work, the audio file cannot be recorded, or even the recording feature cannot be launched, it's must annoying to create eye-attractive content? But don't worry; just learn more about 5 efficient solutions to fix the related problems of PowerPoint screen recording not working from this article.

4 Solutions for PowerPoint Screen Recording Not Working

Method 1. Restart, Re-install and Update PowerPoint

If you cannot record a screen with PowerPoint, the regular method should be workable for most of the scenarios. Whether you need to repair your Office, reinstall the program, or even have an update, just learn more about the process as below.

Reboot PowerPoint: When your PowerPoint screen recording does not work, closing all Microsoft Office apps and launching it again is the fastest and easiest way. But this method cannot guarantee that it will solve the problem.

Reinstall PowerPoint: If you have already subscribed to PowerPoint, you can always download the latest version from the official website. When the program is in use by another process, this information will be displayed in the horizontal status bar at the bottom of the screen.

Update PowerPoint: Open PowerPoint and create a new document, you can go to the "File" menu and click the "Account" item. Click the "Update Now" menu item under the Product Information to update PowerPoint to the latest version.

Office Account Check Updates

Method 2. Release More Space for Your Computer

The recordings might take up a lot of storage space for PowerPoint. The lack of space may cause PowerPoint screen recording to stop working. Here are the steps to release up more space on your disk.

Step 1.Shut down all background programs.

Step 2.Click the "System Disk" menu in a file explorer window and click the "Properties" item.

Step 3.Click the "General" tab widget and click the "Disk Cleanup" button.

Step 4.After cleanup, restart PowerPoint to try screen recording again.

Disk Cleanup

Method 3. Launch PowerPoint in the Safe Mode

To fix the PowerPoint screen recording not work, you can simply switch to the safe mode of the program. Just run PowerPoint in safe mode to solve the problem of PowerPoint Screen Recording not working.

Step 1.There are two ways to enter safe mode in PowerPoint. You can press the "Ctrl" key directly while launching the PowerPoint. Then it will force PowerPoint to enter the safe mode. Note that these two steps are performed at the same time.

Step 2.The another way is pressing "Windows + R" together to open the Run dialog. Type in the powerpnt /safe and click the "Enter" button. Remember to include a space between powerpnt and the forward slash. Click the "Yes" button when asked and launch the PowerPoint screen recording again.

PPT Save Mode

Method 4. Perform a Repair of Office

When you need to re-install the PowerPoint app of Office, you can also use the Repair tool that comes with Office to fix the PowerPoint screen recording not working. Just learn more details about the process as below.

Step 1.You should click the "Windows" button at the lower-left corner, and click the "Apps and Features" button from the list.

Step 2.Then, you need to select the PowerPoint, and click the "Modify" button. Tick the "Online Repair" checkbox and click the "Repair" button to ensure everything gets fixed.

Quick Repair Office

The Quick Repair option is also available, but it only detects and then replaces corrupted files.

Best PowerPoint Alternative to Record Presentation Videos

AnyRec Screen Recorder is your best PowerPoint alternative to capture video with webcam and your voice. You can set the parameters to capture high-quality presentations with 60 fps. It also provide real-time drawing function for you to add lines, highlights, and more as the annotation. Moreover, you can easily save the recordings to MP4 for better uploading on PowerPoint or other social platforms.

AnyRec Screen Recorder Package
AnyRec Screen Recorder

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Free Download

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Step 1.Free download and launch AnyRec Screen Recorder on Windows/Mac. Click the "Video Converter" to capture your presentaions without PowerPoint not working problem.

AnyRec Screen Recorder

Step 2.Click the "Custom" menu to select the window of PowerPoint to capture. You can also enable the webcam to record yourself and the audio to record system sound and your voice. Feel free to adjust the volume according to your need.

Select Recording Area

Step 3.You can also change the output settings by clicking the "Preference" menu and the "Output" tab. Here you can set the high-quality resolution and choose MP4 as the output format, which is easily for sharing.

Output Preferences

Step 4.Once done, click the "REC" button to start recording PowerPoint without not working problem. Then, simple click the "Stop" button and clip the recordings for saving.

AnyRec Record Powerpoint No Problem

FAQs of PPT Screen Recording Not Working


The article provides the 5 best solutions to fix the PowerPoint screen recording not working. Of course, you can simply choose the desired troubleshooting to fix the related problems. If you still cannot use the feature or want to avoid the problem of PowerPoint screen recording not working, AnyRec Screen Recorder should be the best choice to have a try. It will provide you the best experience to record presentations with yourself and export in high quality. Free download it now!

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Free Download

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