10 Ways to Convert M4A to MP4 on PC/Mac/Online High Quality

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You are probably searching for the best tools to convert M4A to MP4 when you find M4A audio is not playable on Android. Moreover, you may want to play it as a video with displayed images/videos. Well, if you have the same situations, then thankfully, you found this post! This post features ten tools! These tools are all tested and infused with the ability to convert M4A to MP4 with images! So, start exploring each in the table below!

M4A to MP4 Converters Supported Platforms Offered Output Quality Conversion or Exportation Speed Best For
AnyRec Video Converter Windows and Mac Lossless and 4K high-quality output. 30x to 50x conversion speed. Best for converting M4A to MP4 with images and high-quality output.
iTunes Windows and Mac Maximum HDR resolution. It is not known for the fast conversion process. Best for basic and free indirect M4A to the MP4 conversion process.
VLC Media Player Windows and Mac. Only support 1080P, 720P, and 480P resolution. Slow conversion process. Best for free conversion process on Windows computer.
Clideo Merge Video Browser Up to 4K resolution. The conversion process takes a lot of time to finish. The conversion process takes a lot of time to finish.
FlexClip Browser It offers high-quality and 4K It takes much time to upload Best for online M4A to MP4
output. media files and export the output. and audio editing features.
Zamzar Browser Maximum 1080P resolution. Fast conversion process. Best for easy conversion operation.
MConverter Browser Offer satisfactory output quality with 1080P. It offers a quick M4A to MP4 conversion operation. Best for straightforward and fast conversion.
AnyConv Browser Lossy output quality in 720P. Swift conversion process. Best for ease of use.
Online-Convert.com Browser 1080P, 720P, and 480P. Great speed conversion. Best for beginners.
FreeConvert Browser Excellent output quality with maximum 1080P. High-quality conversion operation. Best for online batch conversion process.

1. AnyRec Video Converter

Everyone will pick AnyRec Video Converter that offers the best M4A to MP4 conversion services and allows them to add images! This tool is infused with an MV Maker feature that lets you add video or audio and edit them via its advanced editing options. Moreover, it also allows you to embed your M4A files as background audio and export the output as an MP4 file. By doing that, you can make your M4A audio an MP4 file with displayed images! Lastly, you can expect this tool to provide high-quality output!

AnyRec Video Converter Package
AnyRec Video Converter

Allow you to add multiple images as background images and M4A audio.

Infused with various redefining features: trimmer, rotator, add effects, subtitles, etc.

Let you tweak the output’s quality, resolution, fps, etc. to acquire high-quality results.

Batch convert M4A to 1000+ video and audio formats, including MP4.

Free Download

100% Secure

Free Download

100% Secure

Step 1.Run AnyRec Video Converter on your computer and click the "MV" tab. Click the "Add"button to bring in the images you want to use as a display for your file.

Import Images

Step 2.Next, select the theme that best suits your M4A audio. You can also redefine the image; click the "Edit" button and use all the offered features before converting M4A to MP4.

Select Theme Edit Image

Step 3.Next, click the "Settings" tab; add "Start & End Titles" from there. Then, tick the "Background Music" checkbox, click the "Add" button, and select your "M4A" audio file.

Add Titles Import M4a

Step 4.Finally, click the "Export" tab, click the "Format" dropdown, and select "MP4" to export your M4A with the image into MP4. You can also tweak the "Quality, FPS, and Resolution".

Select Mp4 Tweak Output
Free Download

100% Secure

Free Download

100% Secure

2. iTunes

Aside from the first M4A to MP4 converter recommendation, if you use a Mac, you can use iTunes to convert M4A to MP4! iTunes is already pre-installed on your Mac, so you no longer need to install software to convert your M4A files to MP4. However, iTunes only lets you modify the bitrate, doesn’t have the option to add images, and doesn’t directly convert M4A to MP4.

Step 1.Run the Apple Music app on your Mac. Then, click the "Music" button in the menu bar and select the "Preferences" option to turn M4A to MP4.

Step 2.Then, click the "Files" button and select the "Import Settings" option. After that, click the "menu" next to the "Import Using" button, set the "MP4" as the encoding format, and click "OK".

Step 3.Afterward, select all the "M4A audio" you wish to convert in your library. Next, click the "File" tab and choose the "Create New Version" option. Lastly, select the "Create MP4 version".

Itunes Create Mp4 Version

3. VLC Media Player

Otherwise, if you are using Windows, you can use the VLC Media Player as your M4A to MP4 converter. Besides this tool’s ability to play media files in different formats, it offers options to convert M4A to MP4. Moreover, it also lets you adjust the bitrate, quality, fps, etc. However, VLC takes a lot of time to convert files and doesn’t support M4A to MP4 batch conversion.

Step 1.Run the VLC on your computer (you can download it online if you haven’t installed it). After that, click the "Media" tab and select the "Convert/Save" button.

Vlc Media Convert Save

Step 2.Next, click the "Add" button, select the "M4A" audio you want to convert, and click the "Convert/Save" button.

Vlc Import M4a

Step 3.Then, click the "Profile" dropdown button and select the "Video - H.264 + MP3 (MP4)" option. After that, click the "Browse" button, select a file directory, and click the "Start" button.

Vlc Select Mp4 Directory Start

4. Clideo Merge Video

In addition to those downloadable tools, online tools can convert M4A to MP4 with images. One of them is Clideo! This online tool lets you embed M4A audio into an image and export it into an MP4 format. However, this online tool takes a bunch of time to upload a photo and export the output. Well, if that’s not an issue for you and you still want to try this one to convert M4A to MP4, here are the steps you must follow:

Step 1.Search and access the Clideo Merge Videos website on your browser. Then, click the "Choose files" button and import the image you want to use as a display.

Clideo Import Image

Step 2.Next, click the "Add audio" button and select the "M4A" file you want to convert into an MP4 format. After that, click the "Format" dropdown button and select the "MP4" format.

Clideo Add M4a Select Mp4

Step 3.Click the "Export" button to start the exportation/conversion process. And that’s how you convert M4A to MP4 with images using Clideo.

Clideo Export

5. FlexClip

If you want an M4A to MP4 converter with many editing features, try FlexClip. Like Clideo, FlexClip lets you convert M4A to MP4 with images. It enables you to import a photo, add the M4A file as a background track, and export it into an MP4 format. Sadly, this online tool takes time to process everything and adds a watermark to your output! But that’s okay because this tool is beyond enough to support your needs! So, how do you use this online tool to convert your M4A to MP4 with images? Here are the steps you can use as a guide.

Step 1.Visit FlexClip’s editor page on your browser. Then, drag and drop the "image" to the tool’s "Import Media" section. Next, drag the image to the tool’s timeline.

Flexclip Drag Drop Image

Step 2.After that, click the "Add Audio" button and select the "M4A" file where you wish to change the format. Then, click the "Export" button.

Flexclip Add M4a

Step 3.You can select your preferred "Frame Rate, Resolution, and Quality" options from the list of options. Click the "Export with Watermark" option to trigger the M4A to MP4 conversion process.

Flexclip Export Output

6. Zamzar

If you only want to convert M4A to MP4 online without needing to embed an image, one of the best tools that provide easy yet efficient conversion is Zamzar. This online tool offers a straightforward interface and easy-to-execute conversion process. You can quickly turn your M4A file to MP4 with a few clicks. However, Zamzar only lets you convert M4A audio with a maximum of 10MB! Now, if your M4A file doesn’t exceed 10MB, learn how to use Zamzar to change the file extension from .m4a to .mp4.

Step 1.Access the Zamzar M4A to MP4 website. Then, click the "Choose Files" button to import the M4A files you want to turn into MP4.

Zamzar Import M4a

Step 2.Next, you can click the "Convert Now" button to start the conversion operation immediately. Once done, you can download the output right away!

Zamzar Convert M4a

7. MConverter

Another online M4A to MP4 converter tool you also need to try is the MConverter. The same goes with Zamzar; this online tool has a straightforward interface. The difference between them is that MConverter automatically downloads the converted file! Although its interface might look suspicious, it can convert your file efficiently. How do you convert M4A to MP4 using MConverter? Explore the steps below:

Step 1.Search and access the MConverter website on your computer. After that, click the drag and drop the "M4A" audio file to the tool’s file-dropping area.

Mconverter Drag Drop M4a

Step 2.Next, click the "mp4" option on the left menu and click the "Start" button to save the converted MP4 videos.

Mconverter Mp4 Start

8. AnyConv

Another suspicious-looking M4A to MP4 converter tool that offers an efficient conversion service is AnyConv. This online tool also provides a simple interface and easy-to-execute conversion operation between M4A and MP3, M4A and MP4, etc. However, it comes with annoying and distracting ads. If you have tons of patience, you can handle this one. So, to use AnyConv to convert M4A to MP4, here are the steps you must follow:

Step 1.Visit the AnyConv webpage on your browser, click the "CHOOSE FILE" button, and pick the "M4A" files you want to turn into an MP4 file.

Anyconv Import M4a

Step 2.Then, the tool will automatically set the "MP4" as an output format. Click the "CONVERT" button to start and download the converted files.

Anyconv Convert M4a

9. Online-Convert.com

If you want to use a tool that converts M4A to MP4 and lets you tweak the output’s bitrate and frame rate, then you must check Online-Convert.com. This online tool supports quite an easy-to-understand interface with an easy-to-execute conversion process. Moreover, this online tool also lets you convert multiple M4A files to MP4 simultaneously.

Step 1.Access the Online-Convert.com official website, click the "Choose File" button, select the "M4A" file you wish to change the format, and click the "Open" button.

Online Import M4a

Step 2.Next, you can tweak the output’s “Change video bitrate” and “Change frame rate” options under the “Options Video settings” section. After that, click the “START” button.

Online Tweak Output Start

10. FreeConvert

The last online M4A to MP4 converter tool you can use is the FreeConvert. Similar to Online-Convert.com, this tool is also equipped with output tweaking options. The difference between them is that FreeConvert comes with an excellent interface. The only drawback of this tool is that it only allows you to import an M4A file with a maximum of 1GB. Start transforming M4A to MP4 with the steps below:

Step 1.On your browser, access the FreeConvert official webpage. Then, click the "Choose Files" button and select the "M4A" file you want to turn into an MP4 file.

Freeconvert Import M4a

Step 2.Next, click the "Output" dropdown button, click the "Audio" tab, and select the "MP4" format. After that, click the "Convert" button to trigger the M4A to MP4 conversion operation.

Freeconvert Select Mp4 Convert



Now that you have explored each of the M4A to MP4 converter tools above, it is time to pick the one you think will provide you with the best conversion service! Choosing the best one will be tricky because all of them are excellent converter tools! If you ask which one would be the best, the answer will be AnyRec Video Converter! With this tool’s fast and efficient editing and conversion process, you can quickly convert M4A to MP4 with images. So, start downloading this tool and enjoy exploring its other features!

Free Download

100% Secure

Free Download

100% Secure

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