Reviews on Top 10 Game Boosters on Windows/Mac/Android/iOS

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Check those 10 cost-effective game accelerators to enhance gaming performance. Meanwhile, you can run AnyRec Screen Recorder to capture all PC games without lagging. Just use its game recorder to capture all game video and audio smoothly.

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When you play your favorite games, you want to enjoy them to the fullest. Using a game booster is an excellent way to have a better gaming experience whether you are using a smartphone, computer, or laptop. In many cases, a game's performance depends on the device's hardware, so enhancing gameplay using a game booster will help you optimize graphics, game control, and more. Moreover, the game booster will also prevent you from being disturbed by other popping-up messages.

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5 Best Game Boosters on Windows/Mac [Features, Pros, Cons]

1. Wise Game Booster

Wise Game Booster is a worth trying game booster to optimize your games on Windows. You can use its Diagnose feature to analyze your computer status and stop the programs that are not needed for the gameplay to increase the game stability. It also automatically detects the installed games on your Windows and provides a quick optimization to them.


Occupy little storage space, which is only 3.64MB.

Able to increase game performance by 85%.

Detect and recommend the unnecessary programs to stop.


Lacks on setting the resource thresholds.

May delete your data and account.

We Game Booster

2. WTFast

This game booster is for you if you want to reduce high ping whenever you play your favorite game from other countries. When you turn on WTFast, you can choose different servers to improve your Internet connection and enhance the gameplay performance. Since it’s not a tranditional VPN, it will not encrypt your traffic. Thus, it will read your IP address, log-in information, location, browse type, operating system, and more.


Change and save the last game's setting.

Able to reduce the latency and packet loss.

Support accelerating 1000+ games with updates.


The price is relatively high - $99.90/year.

Only provide 230 servers to choose.

Read all the information and activities on your computer.

WTFast Game Booster

3. Advanced System Optimizer

Advanced System Optimizer is an excellent multi-purpose game booster that keeps your device in good status. It cleans the unnecessary temporary files and residues to make your gaming performance smooth and increase by 95%. Moreover, the Game Optimizer module allows you to switch between games and tasks without degrading gameplay.


Provide registry cleaner and driver updater to enhance the performance.

Game Optimizer runs the game in sandbox mode.

Wide range of modules to modify game performance.


Outdated system and security advisor.

Keep updating with minor and unnecessary features.

Sometimes flag settings and cookies to bring damage.

Advanced System Optimizer Game Booster

4. MSI Afterburner

This game booster is another fantastic solution to improve your game performance. It gives you complete control of customizing benchmark video records, monitor, and fan speeds. What's more, it indicates information about usage, clock speed, temperature, and more. You can use it to overclock the memory, graphics card, and other settings to get a faster speed.


Also provide a powerful video capture tool.

Provide complete control over frequency and GPU voltage.

Allow modifying full potential of installed graphic card.


Harsh pushing of GPU will lead to crack graphic visuals.

May not work with older hardware and GPUs.

MSI Afterburner Game Booster

5. EZ Game Booster

EZ Game Booster manages and rearranges your computer resources with its new updates and strengthened features for all modules. This free and intelligent game booster removes persistent issues, clears the clutter, and speeds up your internet connection, allowing your computer to maintain its peak performance. This game booster is good to use if you want to record your gameplay and broadcast it on social networks.


Guaranteed secured optimal experience and PC health.

Monitor your RAM, CPU, and hard drive performance.

Provide disk defragmentation to optimize your system.


The interface is not user-friendly.

Some working apps may be stopped as well.

EZ Game Booster

Top 5 Popular Game Booster Apps for Android/iPhone

Nowadays, you can get much on playing high-end games on smartphones. However, smartphones game performances are prone to be a disaster without a game booster. Read further to know the top pick for game booster apks for Android and iOS.

1. Dr. Booster

Dr. Booster is an essential game booster to improve your game performance on Android mobiles. It has a function that real-time boosts up your internet connection and performance to a certain degree. Moreover, it neatly categorizes your installed games to access play when required quickly.


Intelligently free up memory space.

Automatic antivirus scans to installed apps.

Use a floating button for quick access to boost games.


Customer support is not reliable.

Dr. Booster Game Booster

2. Game Booster & Launcher: Infolife LLC

A simple game booster apk yet a powerful tool to boost all your installed games. It can free up the phone's memory to reduce the lag you might encounter when playing on your phone. Just launch the game booster on your device, and it will automatically enhance the game performance.


Boost all installed apps in one click.

Doesn't consume too many device resources.

Work well for all game types.


No frequent updates from developers.

Game Booster Launcher LLC

3. All-In-One Toolbox: Cleaner, More Storage and Speed

All-In-One Toolbox has pre-loaded with a package of 30+ valuable features to boost your game performance and optimize your smartphone. With this game booster apk, you can get Battery Optimizer, Speed Booster, App Manager, and so many more. It also allows you to take complete control over the launched apps.


The CPU cooler helps long-hour gameplay easier.

Device hardware information in one place.

Plugin for optimum speed during gameplay.


Too many ads spoil the overall experience.

All In One Toolbox Game Booster

4. Droid Optimizer

This powerful game booster features excellent functions that you will not find in other game booster apps. Its Ranking System module tells the overall rank based on managing and using your device. By doing this, you can delete the unnecessary files on your device to keep the higher maintenance status with Droid Optimizer.


Improve rank by freeing up caches.

Rid of internet traces and protect privacy.

Helpful against data chaos.


The dashboard may be too advanced for some users.

Droid Optimizer Game Booster

5. Smart Phone Cleaner

Another one–tap game booster you can find in the market is the Smart Phone Cleaner. It is a multi-function app that helps you enhance your device by cleaning up junks, removing app cache, optimizing battery life, and more. You can also set this game booster as your storage manager to clean your storage space in unnecessary files.


Improve private browser function.

Offer more essential features for game boosting.

Eliminate game lag and unresponsive controls.


Some features can only be accessed by unlocking paid version.

Smart Phone Cleaner Game Booster

Bonus Tips: How to Record Gameplay with High FPS and Quality

With the best game booster you use for playing games, now you need a powerful screen recorder to capture your gameplay with high frame rate and quality. AnyRec Screen Recorder is for you. With the customized settings, you can use it to record your gameplay smoothly without lags for a more effortless recording experience.

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AnyRec Screen Recorder

Record gameplay in any custom screen size and annotations.

Guarantee no time limit, no lag, and no watermark.

Able to capture gameplay with webcam and microphone mode.

Provide high resolution, quality, and frame rate to keep smooth.

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FAQs about Game Boosters on Any Device


With a game booster, you can enjoy playing gameplay with outstanding performance. You don't need to hold back anymore when you have the best tool to boost speed, manage applications, and optimize battery life. And with the help of AnyRec Screen Recorder, you don't need to worry about losing quality and fluency when recording high-quality gameplay.

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