Fix PowerPoint Cannot Play Media: 8 Hack for Windows 11/10!

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Apr 17, 2024 (Updated: Apr 17, 2024)Filed to: Video Fix

Often, using PowerPoint is convenient for creating and designing presentations for class, meetings, etc. However, it’s not excused from getting errors like PowerPoint cannot play media, referring to the embedded videos not working correctly due to malfunctioning. Though it’s a common problem, it’s necessary to work on this problem there and then. Thus, this post is here to help you learn ways to solve the problem of cannot play media on PowerPoint.

Solution 1: Set PowerPoint Media Compatibility

One great way to fix cannot play media on PPT is to set media compatibility mode. It lets you optimize your presentation for compatibility with older Microsoft PowerPoint versions; here are the steps to follow:

Step 1.Inside the PowerPoint, select the "File" tab and go to Info from the left pane. Next, click the "Check for issues" drop-down and choose the "Check Compatibility" option.

Step 2.Click the "Check compliance" button to instantly detect media files and inform you if there’s a problem with each. Click the "OK" button once finished.

Set Powerpoint Compatibility

Solution 2: Convert Media to PowerPoint Supported Formats

Compatibility problems are another reason you get PowerPoint cannot play media instead of a smooth presentation. Thus, it is advisable to convert the video to a PowerPoint-supported format, for instance, MP4, WMV, and AVI. In this case, you should utilize AnyRec Video Converter to finish the process. It follows your demand resolution, quality, and other parameters to obtain your desired video.

Step 1.Start the AnyRec Video Converter, and then click the "Add Files" button to bring in your unplayable video file.

AnyRec Add Unplayable File

Step 2.Click the "Format" menu and select "MP4" or other PPT-supported formats to fix not playing videos in PowerPoint issue. Likewise, click the "Custom Profile" next to the chosen format to alter the resolution, quality, and other aspects.

AnyRec Select Supported Format

Step 3.Choose a filename and path on the main screen once everything is in order. Click the "Convert All" button to end the operation.

AnyRec Click Convert All

Solution 3: Install Multimedia Codecs

What if the cause of the playback issue is that a codec is unavailable in PPT? To overcome this problem, try installing the missing or incompatible yet necessary codec on your computer system and check if PowerPoint will play media successfully.

Step 1.Search for the K-Lite Codec Pack on your browser, then open its official website. Download it, then complete the installation.

Step 2.Upon reaching the "Installation Preferences" window, you can set the "Windows Media Player" with new code as your preferred video and audio player. Maintain clicking the "Next" button after that until you see the "Install" button.

Install Multimedia Codecs

Solution 4: Check and Change PPT Settings

If the above solutions don’t make any changes to cannot play media PPT problem, you can have the PowerPoint settings checked. Afterward, alter the PowerPoint playback settings; you can play the embedded video automatically or with a click.

Step 1.Once inside the presentation, click the embedded video. Then, in the above toolbar, select the "Playback" tab to change and fix unplayable videos on PPT.

Step 2.Move to the "Start" drop-down button and choose "Automatically", "In-Click Sequence", or "When Clicked On". You can also change the volume and viewing options if you want.

Change PPT Settings

Solution 5: Embed the Video Code to PPT

Suppose the embedded video happens to come from YouTube or other streaming platforms. In this scenario, copying and pasting the link to PowerPoint will work to fix PowerPoint cannot play media.

Step 1.Open the YouTube video you want to embed. Click the "Share" button below the video, then choose the "Embed" option. Once the HTML code appears, click the "Copy" button.

Step 2.Return to your PPT, choose a slide, and select the "Insert" tab. Under the "Video" drop-down, select "Online Video".

Step 3.Afterward, click "Insert" after you paste the HTML code to the "From a Video Embed Code" bar. Finally, confirm that the embedded video plays successfully.

Embed Video Code

Solution 6: Redownload the Media Files

Among the common reasons why you cannot play media PPT messages is your outdated file. Thankfully, you can address the issue by simply redownloading the media file, and here’s how to achieve it:

Step 1.Run the PowerPoint software, then open your presentation. Remove all added media files in your slides.

Step 2.Later, click the "Insert" tab, then select the "Video" or "Audio" option to browse the desired media you wish to embed. Once you insert MP4 into PPT, check if the media files are playable by this time.

Re-Download the Media Files

Solution 7: Clear the TEMP Folder

Another likely factor that can interrupt your smooth presentation is the temporary files. Once they accumulate, they eat up a lot of space on your computer, slowing your system performance and resulting in many errors, such as PowerPoint video or audio playback issues. See the complete instructions below to remove these temporary files.

Step 1.Open the "Run" command prompt through the "Windows + R" keys. Next, put the %temp% in the bar and press "Enter".

Step 2.Afterward, you can press the "Ctrl + A" keys to choose all temporary files or individually select them yourself. After that, right-click, then choose "Delete".

Clear the Temp Folder

Solution 8: Repair Damaged PPT Videos Quickly

Assume that your original video file is damaged, thus leading you to PowerPoint cannot play media message. For this, you need to repair video files before uploading via AnyRec Video Repair. Using this free, straightforward program, you can fix problematic videos and get them back to their original state without sacrificing the quality. Also, the program has all videos from various sources covered, including those videos shot by professional cameras and storage media. In just a single click, you can fix unplayable videos on PowerPoint.

 AnyRec Video Repair Product Box
AnyRec Video Repair

Restore your unplayable PPT video from various sources without quality loss.

Provide a preview of the fixed video to confirm if that suits your expectations.

Prior to and following the repair, the quality and structure of video are preserved.

The tool won’t keep any files or data, even after the video has been repaired.

Free Download

100% Secure

Free Download

100% Secure

Step 1.To get things moving, open AnyRec Video Repair. Upload the damaged video file and the sample video by clicking the "Add" buttons on the left and right panels, respectively

Import Videos

Step 2.Opt for the "Repair" button after that. Once the results arrive, click the "Preview" button to see if the fixed video meets your criteria.


Step 3.After that, ensure the specifications listed below the video are fitting, and then you’re ready to click the "Save" button. Now, see if the PowerPoint cannot play media is gone.

Free Download

100% Secure

Free Download

100% Secure



There you have it! With the eight ways given in this post, you can fix PowerPoint cannot play media right away! However, in any case, if your video file is damaged, go to AnyRec Video Repair. It is your trustworthy and friendly repair software that can fix damaged, corrupt, unplayable, choppy, and error-coded videos in just a click. There’s no quality, file structure, as well as integrity loss after the operation. Try it out today and get that smooth playback you deserve!

Free Download

100% Secure

Free Download

100% Secure

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