WhatsApp Message Not Delivered – Check Reasons and Solutions

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Do you have WhatsApp message not delivered problem suddenly? Although the messaging experience offered by WhatsApp is entirely free easy to use, you may encounter problem like this from time to time. Ideally, several reasons could trigger WhatsApp to introduce this delivering messages error to you. Luckily, there are ways to work out this issue, too! Figure everything out by scrolling down in the following parts, answering why WhatsApp messages were not delivered alongside 8 efficient fixes to get you out of this problem.

The Reason Why WhatsApp Messages Not Delivered

There could be many reasons you’re experiencing the WhatsApp message not delivered problem in the first place. Maybe your Internet connection is at fault, or the WhatsApp application itself. Without any delay, here are the possible reasons for you to fix it:

Connectivity Issues. If you have a poor network, your messages won't go through to the recipient. You might be using slow data or an unstable Wi-Fi connection, so you’re encountering the WhatsApp message not delivered.

Update Issues. If the WhatsApp you’re using runs on an outdated version, some issues and bugs can lead to issues like WhatsApp messages not delivered. Regular updates address the bugs and other issues running around the application.

Server Issues. The last common reason is the WhatsApp server is down. It means everyone’s experiencing trouble using the app, including the WhatsApp message not delivered problem. When the server is down, the entire service will go down as well.

8 Efficient Ways to Fix WhatsApp Message Not Delivered

As many factors can trigger the WhatsApp message not delivered problem, there are also many helpful solutions to solve it. Follow the 8 easy tricks to fix this problem and let you contact with your friends or family again.

Fix 1. Check the Network Connectivity

The first reasonable method is to check your mobile phone’s network connectivity. You can go to your device’s "Settings" app and then ensure that it has proper network coverage. If not, you can consider connecting to other available networks or use cellular data.

Check Network Connectivity

Fix 2. Turn On then Off the Airplane Mode

If you think the WhatsApp message not delivered problem occurs because of network-related issues, you can also try this fix. Go to your device’s settings or access the "Control" or "Notification Center" to locate the "Airplane Mode" button. Tap on it to enable it, and wait a few seconds before turning it off.

On and Off Airplane Mode

Fix 3. Clear WhatsApp Cache

An app full of cache will mess with the app’s performance, which leads to issues like WhatsApp message not delivered. Deleting it will remove temporary files and will not affect other data in WhatsApp. Here are 2 different steps on how to clear cache on Android/iPhone:

For iPhones:

iPhone Clear WhatsApp Cache

For Android:

Android Clear WhatsApp Cache

Fix 4. Disable the Data Server Mode

Having the Data Server mode turned on will prevent other apps from functioning normally, including WhatsApp, since all apps use limited data in the background. Meaning the messages won’t be sent or received on WhatsApp, whatever you do.

For iPhones:

iPhone Disable Low Data Mode

For Android:

Android Disable Data Server

Fix 5. Restart Your Device

Regularly restarting your Android or iOS device will refresh your overall devices and could fix some minor glitch that causes the WhatsApp message not delivered problem. Here’s how to restart an iPhone and an Android device.

For iPhones:

Without a Home button:

With a Home button:

Restart iPhone

For Android:

Restart Android

Fix 6. Enable the Background Data Usage

If you have been replying to WhatsApp messages on the notification center, and the app fails to send them, you may have disabled the Background Data Usage. Supposing this method is for you, follow the provided steps to enable the feature and fix WhatsApp messges not delivered issue.

For iPhones:

Enable Background Data iPhone

For Android:

Enable Background Data Android

Fix 7. Re-install the Application

Aside from network-related issues, the WhatsApp message not delivered problem may be caused by the app itself. For this reason, consider reinstalling the application or clearing its data. For iPhone and Android, press the application and select the "Remove App" or any "Uninstall" option from the opened menu. Alternatively, you can go to AppStore or Google Play Store to reintall it.

Fix 8. Get the Latest Update

Similar to other apps, WhatsApp can have bugs that affect its smooth performance if using an outdated version. Since it releases frequent updates, please update the application to ensure the WhatsApp messages can be delivered smoothly. For this, simply head over to your device's App Store or Play Store, find your way to your installed apps, and tap the "Update" button next to WhatsApp.

Update WhatsApp

Recommended Way to Backup WhatsApp Messages to Your Computer

That’s it for the reasons and solutions to your WhatsApp message not delivered issue. During the process, you may have experienced losing important chats by accident; if that’s the case, it’s nice to back up WhatsApp with AnyRec PhoneMover! The program has a feature for backing up essential data from WhatsApp and most apps. You can also use it to transfer WhatsApp from Android to iPhone. It takes care of your photos, videos, messages, contacts, and more. Furthermore, you can save your messages to your PC in TXT, HTML, and CSV formats.

AnyRec PhoneMover

One-click transfer for all data, such as WhatsApp messages, photos, and more.

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Has a built-in search feature to locate one message from a specific contact.

Provide a Preview of WhatsApp messages to view and check which is to save or delete.

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Step 1.Ready a USB cable to link your device to your computer. For iPhones, make sure to tap the "Trust" button on the notification that says "Trust this Computer?" and wait for your PC to detect your device. Now, you are ready for backup your WhatsApp messages after sending.

Main Interface

Step 2.After that, go to the "Messages" section from the left side menu. Select your desired messages that appear on your screen by ticking each checkbox.

Step 3.Finally, click the "Export to PC" button and select a folder to store the backed-up WhatsApp messages on Windows/Mac.

Messages Export to PC

FAQs about WhatsApp Messages Not Sent and Delivered


There you have it! That’s a complete solution to the WhatsApp message not delivered problem of yours. Knowing what reasons lead you to that issue with solutions is crucial, especially if your main messaging platform is WhatsApp. Furthermore, in case you don’t want to trouble yourself about losing WhatsApp files, back them all up with AnyRec PhoneMover. The program has a feature for backing up messages and takes good care of other data like photos, videos, contacts, etc.

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