How to Convert OGG to WAV on PC/Mac/Online [in GBs & MBs]

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Given that the OGG is a small file size, it is not the ideal format if you want high-quality audio that can be played on various platforms and devices. Due to this, converting OGG to WAV audio format is necessary for professional editing and production, where quality is the top consideration. To execute this flawlessly, you require converting tools, and if that worries you, keep calm, for there will be five converters in the following parts to convert OGG to WAV.

Quick Way to Convert Batch of OGG to WAV

Have tons of OGG audio files to convert to WAV? Then, this must be a perfect day as you will get to know AnyRec Video Converter, a Windows/Mac tool that supports batch converting at a fast speed! What’s more, you can convert more than a thousand formats, aside from OGG to WAV, including MP3, AVI, WMA, and more. Not only does it handle batch converting, but the quality is not in danger during and after the process, as you can set the output settings according to your need. It is an easy-to-operate all-in-one software that everyone will enjoy.

AnyRec Video Converter Package
AnyRec Video Converter

Handle conversion of more than 1000 formats, like OGG, WAV, MP3, etc.

Batch conversion can be done effortlessly without quality loss.

Thanks to Blu-Hyper decoding, the speed can be up to 50x faster.

Allow you to change profile settings, including resolution, quality, and more.

Free Download

100% Secure

Free Download

100% Secure

Step 1.On the AnyRec Video Converter primary screen, click the "Add Files" button to add the OGG file. You may also drag it towards the program.

Anyrec Add OGG File

Step 2.Click the "Format" menu button to display all supported formats. Head to the "Audio" section, and choose "WAV" as your format.

Anyrec Select WAV Format

Additionally, you may change the set WAV profile by clicking the "Custom Profile" button and then the "Create New" button to apply your modifications.

Anyrec Custom Profile

Step 3.To finish converting OGG to WAV, choose a filename and directory for your WAV file on the main screen. Finally, click the "Convert All" button to obtain your converted WAV.

Anyrec Convert OGG to WAV
Free Download

100% Secure

Free Download

100% Secure

Use Audacity to Convert OGG to WAV on Mac

When discussing audio, you might be familiar with Audacity. The program is a known audio editor that works on Mac with recording, editing, and mixing capabilities. But other than that, Audacity can perform well in converting OGG to WAV! Though you may have difficulties learning it at first, it is among the best ones in the market, so see the detailed instructions below for converting OGG.

Step 1.After launching the audio editor on Mac, upload the OGG file from your folder by clicking the "Open" option under the "File" tab.

Audacity Add OGG File

Step 2.You can adjust your OGG file as you see the audio track timeline. Later, open the "File" tab again and navigate to "Export". There, select the "Export as WAV" option.

Audacity Export as WAV

Step 3.Once the "Edit Metadata Tags" window comes out, you can adjust for tags. Then, click the "OK" button to begin converting OGG to WAV. You can also choose to convert OGG to MP3.

Audacity Edit Metadata

3 Easy Ways to Convert OGG to WAV Online

On the other hand, if you avoid installing anything on your Windows or Mac computers, then online tools are for you! Here are three friendly web-based converters to help you convert OGG to WAV.

1. Zamzar

Zamzar is the first online tool for today, as you can enjoy converting more than a thousand formats. After a few moments, you can receive your converted WAV file with high quality! Other than audio, this OGG to WAV online converter handles videos, images, e-books, etc. At the same time, it ensures the security and protection of your files; however, it has a maximum file size of 50 MB.

Step 1.Visit the Zamzar primary page, then go for the "Audio Converter" selection. Drag the OGG straight to the site, or click the "Add Files" to browse for it.

Step 2.Use the "Convert To" menu button for the next step and locate the WAV format. Click the "Convert Now" button to initiate the conversion loading process.

Zamzar OGG to WAV

2. Online Convert

Meanwhile, with this web-based OGG to WAV audio converter, Online Convert, converting OGG has an option for you to adjust audio settings. Besides having a drag-and-drop function, you can upload the file through URL and storage services. You can even trim the unnecessary parts in your audio file! However, unlike its rivals, Online Convert has only 20 formats for converting audio files.

Step 1.Inside the Online Convert page, locate the "Convert to WAV" option via the "Audio Converter" section. Upload the OGG file to its page afterward.

Step 2.See the adjustment options below to set the parameters yourself. Click the "Start" button to commence with the OGG to WAV conversion.

Online Convert OGG to WAV

3. Online Audio Converter

You’re down to the last online OGG to WAV converter for today! Using this Online Audio Converter, you can get more than a hundred formats to convert in no time. Aside from supporting local computer files, you can convert files from storage services like Google Drive and Dropbox. Also, it has advanced settings where you can alter the profile if you insist.

Step 1.Choose the "Open Files" button on the primary site of the Online Audio Converter to upload your OGG file. Then, as indicated in the number two, click the "WAV" option.

Step 2.Next, drag the slider below to adjust the "Quality", from "Tape" to "Extra High". Or, go for the "Advanced settings" button. Click the "Convert" button to save your converted WAV file.

Online Audio Converter OGG to WAV



Have you finally selected an OGG to WAV converter from the discussed desktop and web-based tools? Hopefully, you picked the one that will meet your conversion requirements! But regardless of which you choose, you shouldn’t miss AnyRec Video Converter! Without finding an OGG player for all devices, you can easily use it to convert OGG to WAV with high quality. Have a try on it now and solve your problem.

Free Download

100% Secure

Free Download

100% Secure

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