How to Solve iTunes Won’t Open on Windows 11/10/8/7

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Many people are still using iTunes on Windows to manage files. But you may occur the problem that iTunes won’t open. Many people will not know what to do with it. After all, Apple company has stopped using this software in the Apple ecosystem for years. But do not worry about it; this post will give you six detailed solutions to tell you how to solve those problems. And if your iTunes still won’t open after using the solutions in this post, there also will be an iTunes alternative to help you manage your iOS device.

Part 1: Get an Error Message When Cannot Open iTunes

Some people are lucky to get an error message when iTunes doesn’t open. The message will explain why you cannot open iTunes. And the error message usually says that you have already opened iTunes, so you cannot launch another one. If you open your "Task Manager", you find iTunes running in the "Process" section. You can force it to stop then you can open iTunes normally.

Cannot Open iTunes Error Message

But if you cannot find iTunes on your Task Manager or you cannot stop iTunes processing on your computer, you can remove the "SC Info" folder in your computer to solve it.

Step 1.In the search field, you should enter "%ProgramData%" to search for a folder.

Programdata in Windows

Step 2.When you open this folder, you should show the hidden files on your computer first.

Show Hidden Files

Step 3.After you show hidden files, you can open the iTunes folder from the Apple Computer folder. And then, you should delete the "SC Info" folder.

SC Info Folder

Step 4.The final step is to restart your computer to complete the process. And you can open iTunes without an error message now.

Part 2: 5 Ways to Fix Have No Response When Opening iTunes

In this situation, there is no error message when your iTunes won’t open. There is just no response when you open iTunes. And here are some solutions to help you open your iTunes.

1. Restart Computer

Sometimes, all you need to do is restarting your computer, and all problems on your device will be solved.

2. Open iTunes as Administrator

You can open iTunes by right clicking it and clicking the Run as administrator button. This operation may fix most software launch problems. You can also try it with your iTunes.

3. Launch iTunes in Safe Mode

You can launch iTunes in Safe Mode to prevent third-party software from blocking you from opening it. You can press the "Shift + Ctrl" keys on your keyboard while double-clicking iTunes, and then you will get notified that iTunes is running in Safe Mode.

Run iTunes in Safe Mode

4. Configure Firewall

When your firewall is not working well with the internet or software, it will prevent you from doing some operating. Search for the "firewall.cpl" in the "Start" menu. When the Firewall window is open, you should click the "Allow an App or Feature through Windows Firewall" button. Then it would be best if you headed to the "Change Settings" button. You should enable iTunes for private and public networks and make Bonjour for the private network only.

But if you cannot find iTunes in the list, you can click the "Allow another App/program" button and see iTunes and Bonjour. The next step is to click the"Add" button to add them to the firewall and exit the firewall.

Configure Firewall

5. Reinstall iTunes

If your iTunes still won’t open, you can reinstall this software on your computer. But it is not just easy to delete it on your computer. After uninstalling iTunes, you should clean up the residual and cache. You can go to C: disk and delete all Apple and Bonjour folders.

Uninstall iTunes

Part 3: Use iTunes Alternative to Manage iPhone 15/14 Files

If you have tried every solution and your iTunes still doesn’t open, you can try iTunes alternative to manage your iOS 17/16 device on Windows. AnyRec PhoneMover is a good choice for you.

This software could replace iTunes for Windows 11/10/8/7 users. You can quickly transfer photos from iPhone to a computer or another iOS device. There is no verification of your Apple devices like iTunes. You can use a cable to complete all tasks. Moreover, the iPhone Ringtone Maker in AnyRec PhoneMover is even better than iTunes. You can easily make ringtones without any limitation or trouble.

Phone Mover Product Box
AnyRec PhoneMover

Transfer data and files quickly from iOS to other devices.

Backup and restore your contacts on your iPhone without iTunes.

Make ringtones easily without buying songs or audio tracks.

Organize files for you to edit, delete, and manage conveniently.

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100% Secure

Part 4: FAQs about iTunes Won’t Open


Hope you can use the above solutions to solve your iTunes won’t open problem. But do not be upset even if you can’t solve the problem. You can use AnyRec PhoneMover as an iTunes alternative to manage your iOS files. You can even use it to transfer data from one iPhone to another. Go to download this software on Windows now!

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