"HTML5 Video Not Found" Error on Your Online Videos [Solved]

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Chances of getting the error message saying ‘HTML5: Video file not found’ are higher when watching videos on YouTube, Tubi, IMDb TV, Vudu, and other streaming sites. It could be a total headache, particularly if you’re watching a tutorial, news piece, or entertaining video. But don’t fret; this post will present detailed instructions to fix your HTML5 Video Not Found problem and details on why you deal with such an error.

Know More about HTML5 Video Not Found Issue

Before moving further into fixes for HTML5 video not found, you must have an overview of what HTML5 video is. This section will briefly describe HTMl5, along with the most likely reasons why the problem occurs.

What is HTML5 Video?

HTML5 refers to the improved level of HTML; it integrates video and audio specifications, letting you today watch online videos without any plugins like Adobe Flash. Furthermore, HTML video is covered by browsers and assists in controlling playback using its control functionalities, including stop, pause, adjust volume, autoplay, etc.

The Causes of HTML5 Video Not Found Issue

Finding out why HTML5 videos cannot be found is also important. It will be easier to find targeted techniques to fix the problem if you are aware of the factors that may be accountable.

Poor internet connectivity. Unfortunately, when you have an unstable connection, there’s no way you can play an online video properly, thus leaving you only with the HTML5: Video file not found.

Backend website issues. The problem may be related to the website’s code, for instance, glitches, so you’re getting the HTML5 error.

Browser-related issues. If the HTML5: Video file not found error comes out only in one specific browser, it may be because of compatibility issues. The browser you’ve been using may not support HTML5 video codec.

Cookies & Caches. Over time, cookies and caches are gathered, which can create issues for sites that prevent them from playing videos.

Corrupt video file. It’s possible that the HTML5 video file is faulty, so you’ll be forced to witness an HTML5 error message rather than a flawless playback.

6 Fixes to HTML5 Video Not Found Issue

Although seeing the HTML5: Video file not found notice on the screen is annoying, there are lots of ways to fix this error. Get your online video back on track with the simple yet comprehensive instructions below!

Fix 1. Update Your Web Browser.

Having an old version of your browser won’t be compatible with playing your HTML5 video files, leading you to the HTML5 video not found error, so you must update it to the latest version. For some, your browser will update automatically, but to ensure it uses the newest version, see the illustration below for updating the most used browser today.

Step 1.Open the Chrome browser, then click the "Settings" button at the top-right corner. Click the "Help" option, then pick "About Google Chrome" from the side pop-up.

Step 2.The presence of the option "Update Google Chrome" means your browser runs the older version; you have to update it. Then, you can check the HTML5 video not found error again.

Update Your Browser

Fix 2. Get the Supported Codecs of HTML5

As said, there’s no way the browser can play the video if it doesn't support the codec of the HTML5 video, regardless of whether it uses the latest version. In cases like this, it would be nice if you could reach out to the developer to install an HTMl5 supporting codecs to fix the HTML5 video that was not found and the codec-related issue. Otherwise, consider switching to another web browser with WebM player.

Fix 3. Eliminate the Cookies, Caches, and History.

One more thing about web browsers is that they have cookies and caches that help users access a page faster and have a smooth experience. However, those can cause problems for the streaming sites, thus, the need to clear out the mess of such data can solve HTML5 video not found.

Step 1.On your Chrome browser, click the "three-dotted" icon in the corner and select "Clear browsing data" from the options.

Step 2.From the window, set the "Time range" to "All time", and you can determine below which data you want to clear; it could be browsing history, site data, etc. Click the "Clear data" button once decided.

Eliminate Cookies Caches

Fix 4. Initiate Incognito Mode to Play HTML5 Video.

Shifting to Incognito mode, a browser window option, could resolve minor glitches. This solution covers HTML5 video not correctly encoded, but it is primarily utilized if the HTML5: Video file not found error message is caused by cookies and cache. Once your browser is in Incognito mode, your browsing history, caches, and cookies won't be saved.

Step 1.Open your Chrome browser, then move your cursor to the "three-dotted" icon on the corner.

Step 2.From the menu list, select "New Incognito Window", and there you’ll be presented with a blank window saying, "You’ve gone Incognito".

Use Incognito Window

Fix 5. Deactivate the Hardware Acceleration.

Hardware acceleration helps load graphics media like videos and games. Switching this feature off will let your GPU process all graphics-intensive media, reducing the workload on your browser, and HTML 5 video not found can be resolved. Turn off the feature now by following the steps below.

Step 1.Hover your cursor to the "Settings" button on your Chrome browser’s corner, and select the "Settings" option.

Step 2.Under Settings, go down to "System", where you can see the option "Use graphics acceleration when available"; please toggle it off.

Turn Off Hardware Acceleration

Fix 6. Download the HTML5 Video to Watch Offline.

If you reach this point and still get the HTML5: Video file not found, consider downloading the video from the page to your computer. You can either do it by recording or using a dependable downloader that can save your videos without any risk of malware and viruses that can affect your entire computer files.

How to Repair Corrupted HTML5 Videos for Playing

Among the fixes, suppose you downloaded the HTML5 video without HTML5: Video file not found error, but instead, you cannot open it at all due to it being corrupt. In this situation, you must have repair software assistance, like AnyRec Video Repair. Whatever the size is, the app can fix corrupted, damaged, and unplayable HTML5 online videos. The restoration process effectively preserves the content of your corrupt video, regardless of whether it is caused by transferring, editing, or downloading. Also, with the help of innovative AI, it can repair footage from recorders, professional camera brands, storage devices, and more, promising everyone a high-quality repair for all videos.

AnyRec Video Repair Product Box
AnyRec Video Repair

One-click way to repair HTML5 videos without finding the causes.

After the video has been fixed, the tool won’t save any of your data.

Repair damaged, corrupt, broken, and unplayable video files swiftly.

Support footage from professional cameras and storage devices.

Free Download

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Free Download

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Step 1.Launch AnyRec Video Repair first, then locate your corrupted HTML5 video by clicking the first "Add" button; your sample video should be added to the right side "Add" button.

Import Video

Step 2.In order to begin the fixing process, click the "Repair" button in the center position. It’ll be completed promptly; click the "Preview" button to view it first.


Step 3.Finally, click the "Save" button whenever you’re satisfied with the bitrate, duration, quality, and other parameters.

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Free Download

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That brings an end to the conversation regarding how to solve HTML5 video not found! After knowing the solutions, you realize it is simply a temporary issue that can be fixed. Suppose you choose the download method and find out that your HTML5 video is corrupted. In this case, AnyRec Video Repair is essential for fixing all your corrupted, damaged, and broken video files with high-quality results. Download it today to repair all your corrupt downloaded videos!

Free Download

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Free Download

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