How to Record Messenger Video Calls on Windows/Mac/Android/iOS

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Whenever you have a video call or chat with your friends on Facebook Messenger, you create valuable moments that strengthen the bond. Since there is no default screen recorder, you can learn how to record Messenger video calls on Windows/Mac/Android/iOS through this article. In this way, you can save all precious moments when you become closer to your family and friends through the video calls. Keep reading this article to learn 3 efficient ways on how to record Messenger video calls easily.

Part 1: How to Record Facebook Messenger Video Calls on Windows/Mac

The best way to record Facebook Messenger video calls is through AnyRec Screen Recorder. This software is a necessary desktop tool that provides different modes to record onscreen activities. It is best to use in Messenger video calls with high image and audio quality. Moreover, AnyRec Screen Recorder allows you to quickly configure the settings to adjust or change the video codec, audio settings, frame rate, quality, and more. Use the best Messenger video call recorder now.

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AnyRec Screen Recorder

Record Facebook Messenger calls with the screen and audio in high quality.

Preference menu to manipulate and configure important video and audio settings.

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Free Download

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Step 1.Free download the AnyRec Screen Recorder and install it on your computer. After that, launch the program and click the Video Recorder button on the main interface to record Messenger video calls.

AnyRec Screen Recorder

Step 2.Select the desired region size of the recorder, or you can also input the specific size for the screen region. Ensure that you have a microphone enabled to toggle on Microphone. You can do a soundcheck on the Preferences menu.

Select Recording Area

Step 3.Once done configuring the Video Recorder, click the REC button to start recording Facebook Messenger video calls. A widget menu will appear on your screen. It has pause, stop, screenshot, and other essential buttons. You can also use the drawing effects to input elements like pen, brush, numbers, and text.

Record Video

Step 4.Once you click the Stop button, you can trim the recorded Messenger video call clip. Choose the desired designated folder path for the recorded clip, then click the Save button. Not only about Facebook Messenger calls, you can also use it to record interesting Facebook videos for easier playback on your computer.

Save Video Recording

Part 2: How to Record Messenger Video Calls with Audio on Android/iPhone

If you want to record daily video chats or calls from your loved ones on Android/iOS phones, Facebook fails on this part. After learning how to record Facebook Messenger video calls on Windows and Mac, it is also possible on Android/iPhone to record important video calls. Find out 2 efficient ways on how to record Messenger video calls using the built-in recording feature or third-party apps.

1. iPhone: Default Screen Recorder

Luckily, the newer released version of iPhone provides a built-in screen recorder for users. It is packed with great deals, so to say, you don’t need to download or purchase an app to record Messenger video calls. Follow the instructions below on how to record Facebook Messenger video calls.

Step 1.Go to your phone’s settings and tap the Control Center button. Tap More Controls to add the Screen Recording function to your floating ball. This way, you can easily access the recorder whenever you want to record Messenger video calls.

Step 2.Long-press the Screen Recorder button, then tap the microphone to include audio in recording the video call. Tap the Red button to begin recording.

Step 3.Once you have completed the recording, tap the Record button again. You can also tap the Red Bar button on your screen to stop the screen recording.

How To Record Messenger Video Call iPhone

2. Android: Messenger Video Call Recorder

As there are many Android users to do Facebook Messenger video calls, it is a privilege to have a built-in screen recorder on their phone. Most mobile units with a powerful recording feature are Samsung, Xiaomi, and LG. The screen recorder was first introduced in Android 11, but some brands have their own versions of recording Facebook Messenger video calls.

How to record Facebook Messenger video calls using an Android built-in screen recorder:

Step 1.If you don’t have the Screen Recorder feature on the notification panel, you can add it up by tappinging the Plus button on the notification panel. You can remove some icons if you need space for the recording feature.

Step 2.After that, tap the Screen Recorder icon to start recording the Messenger video call. You will see a tiny floating widget allowing you to control the recording. Launch Messenger video call then tap the Red button.

Step 3.Once you finish recording, tap the Square icon from the floating widget. Alternatively, you can also tap the Lock button to end the recording.

How To Record Messenger Video Call Android

Moreover, there are many call recorder apps for Android and iPhone, including Rev Call Recorder, Tape A Call Pro, Cube ACR Call Recorder, etc.

Part 3: FAQs about How to Record Messenger Video Call


Screen recording your Messenger video calls can help you store more memories with your friends! Just by knowing the right procedure, video recording can be simply achieved whenever you like. If you want to record Messenger video calls in high quality, use AnyRec Screen Recorder to boost performance. Try the free trial version of AnyRec Screen Recorder to experience other features, including snapshot, phone, audio, and game recorder.

Free Download

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Free Download

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