Detailed Steps to Convert GIF to QuickTime Videos for Mac

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Due to limited compatibility with Mac QuickTime, people usually want to convert GIF files to QuickTime videos with Mac’s widely used format, MOV. In this way, you can easily play the downloaded or shared GIF memes on Mac. Hence, this article is here today to provide you with tools that you may find interesting to convert GIFs to QuickTime MOV videos. So, stop wasting any time and discover the list below, each with instructions.

Ultimate Way to Convert GIFs to QuickTime Videos

AnyRec Video Converter offers everyone an effortless yet powerful way to convert GIFs to QuickTime. It is your reliable software that handles over a thousand formats to convert, each with customized profile settings. Additionally, you don’t have to worry about the conversion speed when converting GIF files to QuickTime in bulk, considering this program is designed 50x faster than any other software. Above that, you can access a built-in editor where you may rotate, crop, flip, or apply effects available, including the loop play effect.

AnyRec Video Converter Package
AnyRec Video Converter

Cover multiple formats, such as QuickTime MOV, GIF, MP4, MKV, and so forth.

Adjust the output quality, resolution, and frame rate to keep high quality.

The speed can increase from 30 to 50x, especially when batch-converting.

Additional editing tools to loop your GIFs, enhance the GIF quality, and more.

Free Download

100% Secure

Free Download

100% Secure

Step 1.To add the GIF file, click the "Add Files" button on the AnyRec Video Converter home screen.

Anyrec Add GIF File

Step 2.To view all the supported formats, navigate to the "Format" button. Proceed to the "Video" section, and select the "MOV" format with your preferred customized profile settings.

Anyrec Select MOV Format

Likewise, you may tweak the profile by clicking the "Custom Profile" button and then clicking "Create New" to save the changes you made. You can also crop GIFs as you like.

Anyrec Adjust Settings

Step 3.Specify a filename and directory for your MOV file on the main screen before concluding the GIF to QuickTime process. Next, click the "Convert All" button to finish.

Anyrec Convert GIF to QuickTime
Free Download

100% Secure

Free Download

100% Secure

Top 5 Easy Ways to Convert GIF to QuickTime Online

Do you still want more ways to convert GIFs to QuickTime? If so, here are five other tools for you, but you’ll do it online this time! Down below are the best online tools you’d find on the web, with easy steps.

1. Convertio

Besides processing the GIF files, you can load many file formats in Convertio, such as videos, audio, and more. It is easy to use, and there are no advertisements that will interfere during the conversion process; however, this online GIF to QuickTime converter requires you to purchase a plan if you intend to convert a large GIF.

Step 1.Visit the Convertio official page. Click the "Choose Files" button to run the GIF file inside. Then, click the "three-dotted" drop-down menu to pick the format "MOV".

Step 2.For adjustments, click the "Settings" button on the side. Once everything is set, you will start converting GIF to QuickTime by clicking the "Convert" button.

Convertio GIF to QuickTime

2. CloudConvert

If you prefer not to install anything, then CloudConvert is another choice for you to convert GIF to QuickTime or MOV to GIF. Aside from the wide file format it supports, it covers various customization options and editing functionalities to personalize your file. But note that it only converts up to 25 files daily for free.

Step 1.Click the "Select File" button on the CloudConvert page to browse your GIF file. Then, click the "three-dotted" menu button to select the "MOV" format in the "Video" section.

Step 2.You can use the "Wrench" icon to modify video settings. Proceed by clicking the "Convert" button to wrap it up and save the converted QuickTime MOV.

CloudConvert GIF to QuickTime

3. Online Convert Free

Use Online Convert Free for an effortless way, at the same time, for converting over 200 different formats for files like images, documents, audio, etc. Like the first ones, this online GIF to QuickTime converter is straightforward and offers a smooth conversion experience for all users. But this online tool is limited to up to 100 MB file size.

Step 1.In the Online Convert Free main page, find your way to the "Convert to MOV" screen through the "Video Converter" selection. Then, drop your GIF files there.

Step 2.Before selecting the "Start" button to start the GIF to QuickTime converting process, you have the option to change the video parameters.

Online Convert Free GIF to QuickTime

4. AConvert

On the other hand, AConvert supports 1000 file formats for images, videos, e-books, documents, and more. Though it is among the oldest, it is still an effective solution for converting GIFs to QuickTime online. You can also convert files conveniently, thanks to its simple and neat interface, but it is slower than other online converters.

Step 1.Search for AConvert on whatever browser you have. Once inside its homepage, drop your GIF file for a quick add, or scroll down and select the "Add Files" button to add it.

Step 2.Navigate to the "Target" menu and locate the "MOV" format. Then, click the "Convert Now" button to transform GIF to MOV.

AConvert MOV to QuickTime

5. Filezigzag

This online GIF to QuickTime converter is the newest tool among the rest, but with its fast speed conversion and no quality loss process, it has become one of the known online solutions today. It is accessible on web browsers and has a neat user interface that adds to the easy operation of converting files. However, it supports ten file conversions daily, for 50 MB each.

Step 1.Inside the FileZigzag page, click the "Browse for files" button to upload the GIF or just drag and drop it into the box.

Step 2.Then, click the "Please select" menu to see the formats available; select "MOV". Once done, click the "Start Converting" button below to end the GIF to QuickTime operation.

FileZigZag GIF to QuickTime



Those are the ways to convert GIFs to QuickTime using six tools! Regardless of what solution you choose, whether online or offline, you’ll be able to convert GIFs to other video formats quickly besides MOV. However, for more exciting features, don’t hesitate to download and install AnyRec Video Converter. Aside from its GIF to MOV converter features, it also covers editing, enhancing, and more tools inside; all will be achieved in excellent quality! You won’t regret using this free and fantastic software.

Free Download

100% Secure

Free Download

100% Secure

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