How to Screenshot on Gateway Laptop with Desired Areas

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Not all laptops have the same way to take screenshots, which is your case with your Gateway laptop. With Gateway laptops, taking screenshots comes in two common types: one is through hotkeys, and the other one is through tools. Therefore, if you have trouble getting it right, this article will show you how to take a screenshot on a Gateway laptop painlessly. Stop worrying if it runs whatever Windows version, as you can always rely on here to understand how to screenshot on a Gateway laptop; let’s begin!

Easy Way to Screenshot on Gateway Laptop with High Quality

Finding the right software to capture your Gateway screen is a bit difficult. Thankfully, after wasting time with all the popular tools today that don't give you high-quality screenshots, you finally crossed paths with AnyRec Screen Recorder. It won’t disappoint you during and after the process of knowing how to screenshot on a Gateway laptop. This software supports designing the hotkeys yourself and then proceeding to capture them on full screen or customize a part of your screen with its Snapshot tool. Also, it allows taking scrolling screenshots and capturing them during recording.

แพ็คเกจบันทึกหน้าจอ AnyRec
AnyRec Screen Recorder

Capture Gateway laptop screenshots in full screen, window, or scrolling.

Customizable hotkeys for taking screenshots quickly in your Gateway laptop.

Make additional edits to your captured screenshots with shapes, lines, text, etc.

Support no ads during screenshotting and no watermarks once saved.


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100% ปลอดภัย

ขั้นตอนที่ 1.เปิด AnyRec Screen Recorder and select "Video Recorder" to witness more options. From there, you will see the "Gear" icon above, where you can change the keys for screenshotting.

ขั้นตอนที่ 2.Go to the Hotkey section from the left side tab and hunt "Screen Capture". Click its "bar" and enter your determined hotkeys. Click "OK" to apply changes.

Anyrec Customize Hotkeys

ขั้นตอนที่ 3Now that you have nailed everything, go to the window or any content you hope to capture in your Gateway laptop and use the combination keys you’ve fixed for screen capturing.

Anyrec จับภาพหน้าจอ

That’s how to screenshot on a Gateway laptop with your created hotkeys! Alternatively, you can also accomplish it by clicking the "Video Recorder" to capture your screen during recording. Otherwise, go to the "Snapshot" tool to take screenshots.


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100% ปลอดภัย

How to Take Screenshots on Gateway Laptop via PrtSc

Just like the typical way of taking screenshots on computers, you can also use the PrtSc key to capture in a Gateway laptop. This method is always available for everyone to understand how to screenshot on a Gateway laptop. However, this works if you only need a full screenshot of your screen and not a specific window or area. Here’s what you must do:

ขั้นตอนที่ 1.Open the window/page you wish to capture on your Gateway laptop and press the "Print Screen" key on your keyboard.

Use the Print Screen Key

ขั้นตอนที่ 2.Next, open any editing software, like "Paint" or "GIMP", then "Paste" the captured photo on it. There, you can edit the picture and save it on the desktop afterward.

ขั้นตอนที่ 3Alternatively, press the Ctrl and PrtSc keys on your keyboard to screenshot the entire screen, but this time, it will be saved on your desktop or in the "Screenshots" folder.

Use the Control Plus Print Screen Keys

Use Snipping Tool to Screenshot on Gateway with Desired Area

For those who prefer to take partial screenshots, you can go for the เครื่องมือสนิป Windows to comprehend how to screenshot on a Gateway laptop. It can be the perfect tool to take screenshots of a selected window or draw a form around the object you expect to capture. Later, you can edit the screenshot using the highlight, zoom, and other tools. But, you must keep in mind that the Snipping Tool can only be achieved for Windows 7 and higher.

If your Gateway laptop runs on that version, go after the steps below on how to screenshot on a Gateway laptop:

ขั้นตอนที่ 1.Start by clicking the Windows key, then enter the "Snipping Tool" in the "Search bar". Make sure to choose the best result that appears. Otherwise, use the "Windows + Shift + S" keys.

ขั้นตอนที่ 2.Before slipping inside the "Snipping Tool", go first to the window or part you want to take a screenshot, click "New", and "drag" your mouse to the desired area.

Snipping Tool Click New

ขั้นตอนที่ 3Finally, the picture will be automatically seen in the "Snipping Tool" window; edit your screenshot using the drawing tools above, then save and share.

Snipping Tool Edit Screenshot

How to Screenshot on Gateway Laptop through Xbox Game Bar

If you’re now enjoying learning how to take screenshots on a Gateway laptop, you will surely love the method the Xbox Game Bar has. It is a built-in recording tool, but it can let you take high-definition screenshots as well. While the other tools start with Windows 7 and later, the Xbox Game Bar can only be accessed on Windows 10/11 Gateway laptops. So, for Windows 10/11 users, here’s how to take a screenshot on a Gateway laptop:

ขั้นตอนที่ 1.To gain access to the Xbox Game Bar, press the "Windows + G" keys. The small window "Capture" may or may not open automatically; if not, click the "Capture" icon in the floating bar.

ขั้นตอนที่ 2.Before you perform it, you should open the window you want to take a screenshot. Then, inside the "Capture" window, click the "Camera" icon to take screenshots. Otherwise, use the "Windows + Alt + PrtSc" key combination.

Xbox Game Bar Take Screenshot

ขั้นตอนที่ 3Once done, a "notification" on the right side of your screen will be seen, letting you know that the screenshot was successfully done.

Xbox Game Bar Notification

FAQs about How to Screenshot on Gateway Laptop


To conclude, you have seen how to take a screenshot on a Gateway laptop in four ways, using a typical Print Screen key, a Snipping tool, and others. Although shortcuts and built-in are convenient for taking screenshots, they are not guaranteed to be in a high-resolution photo. Thus, if you’re someone who loves quality screenshots, don’t miss the feature AnyRec Screen Recorder has to offer. It can record and capture your screen in the desired area of your screen. It can be done in simple clicks and is indeed of high quality; download it today and have a try!


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