Tutorial to Remove Tattoo from Your Photos [in All Shapes]

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May 16, 2024 (Updated: May 16, 2024)Filed to: Photo Editing

You may want to remove a tattoo from a photo to prevent viewers from getting distracted, make it look professional for product promotion, commemorate important events, etc. Well, if you are thinking of removing it from your body before taking a picture, you must consider how expensive the procedure is. But there are two apps you can use to remove tattoos from already captured photos! And you can find them here! Explore these photo tattoo removal apps below now!

One-click to Remove Tattoo from Photo Easily

Suppose you are in a hurry and want to remove a tattoo from a photo quickly and efficiently. In that case, the best tool this post can recommend is the AnyRec Free Watermark Remover! With excellent output, this online tool can quickly remove text, logos, stamps, stickers, and tattoos from your body! Aside from that quick process, this tattoo removal app can remove tattoos without compromising the photo's original quality! With that, you can expect your photo’s details to remain clear and intact!

Step 1.Visit AnyRec Free Watermark Remover on your browser. Click the "Upload Images" button to import the photo with the tattoo.

Click Upload Images

Step 2.After that, click the "Paintbrush" button and highlight the area where the tattoo is located. Then, once you have highlighted it, click the "Remove" button.

Highlight Remove

Step 3.Then, wait for the processing to remove tattoo from photos. Once it is done, you can see the output from the preview. If you are satisfied with it, click the "Save" button.

Click Save

10 Steps to Delete Tattoo on Photo via Photoshop

Apart from the first option to remove tattoos from photos online for free, you can also utilize Photoshop! Compared to the first option, Photoshop offers advanced features that enable you to delete tattoos on pictures with a professional-looking output, crop images to the desired size, and more. However, Photoshop has a challenging learning curve and a complex process, making it not recommended for beginners. Now, if that doesn’t bother you and you still want to try Photoshop as your photo tattoo removal app, here are the steps to follow:

Step 1.Run the Photoshop program and import the photo that contains a tattoo. After that, click the "Layer" tab in the menu, select the "New" option, and click the "Layer" button.

Import Layer New Layer

Step 2.Next, on the "Tools" panel at the left part of the program, select the "Spot Healing Brush Tool" option and use it to cover the tattoo on your photo.

Select Spot Healing Cover Tattoo

Step 3.After that, select the "Brush Tool" option from the left panel and press the "Alt" button with the left mouse click to pick a source. Then, paint over the area where the tattoo is located.

Paint Tattoo

Step 4.Next, create another layer, choose the "Polygonal Lasso Tool" from the left panel, and select the area where the tattoo is used to be located.

Select Polygonal Select Tattoo

Step 5.Then, access the "Edit" menu, select the "Fill" option, and set the "Contents" to "50% Gray". Set the "Blending Mode" to "Normal" with "100%" opacity. Then, click the "OK" button to remove any watermark with Photoshop.

Set Fill Properties

Step 6.After that, head to the "Layers" panel (you can also access it by pressing the "F7" key), click the "Overlay", and change the "Blend Mode" to "Overlay".

Select Overlay

Step 7.Next, click the "Filter" tab, select the "Add Noise" option, and set the "Amount" value to "25%". After that, tick the "Monochromatic" checkbox and click the "OK" button to remove tattoo from photos.

Add Noise

Step 8.Then, on the "Filter" tab, select the "Blur" option and choose the "Gaussian Blur" option. Next, set the "Radius" to a "2px" value and click "OK" to save the alterations.

Select Guassian Blur

Step 9.After that, click the "Filter" tab, head to the "Stylize" option, and choose the "Emboss" option from the dropdown list. Then, set the Angle, Height, and Amount with the values below.

Select Emboss

Step 10.Finally, click the "File" tab, select "Save As", choose a name for your file, location, and format, and click the "Save" button. And that’s how you remove tattoos in Photoshop.



That’s it! Those are the two workable ways to remove tattoos from photos! Using these two ways, you can efficiently remove tattoos from your image and achieve your desired purpose! If you are looking for a quick way to remove tattoos from photos, the best tool recommendation is the powerful AnyRec Free Watermark Remover Online! This online tool utilizes an AI-based algorithm that can automatically remove highlighted areas while maintaining the image’s details! Visit this online tool’s official website and use it as your photo tattoo removal tool today!

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