How to Fix Black Screen on Damaged Videos or Problematic PC

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Apr 19, 2024 (Updated: Apr 19, 2024)Filed to: Video Fix

Imagine facing a black screen on video, especially on a movie you’re excited about watching on your computer. This crisis is a common problem faced by users due to several grounds, but the good news is there are many fixes to get rid of the problem as well. If ready, read the following sections to discover the ways to fix black screen on videos. Start getting back to watching your favorite video content, both local and online!

Fix Black Screen on Damaged Videos [Desktop/Online]

Say that you suspect you have a black screen on video because the videos are damaged. In situations like this, you need AnyRec Video Repair on your side. Using this practical and easy-to-use repair software, you can bring back your damaged video file to its original state without sacrificing quality. On top of that, this application covers damaged videos from various sources; they can be from cameras, phones, computers, and others. After uploading your corrupted and sample videos, this program will begin fixing black-screen videos with a single click.

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Free Download

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Step 1.Launch AnyRec Video Repair to get things started. From the "Add" button on the left and right panel, respectively, open the damaged video file and the sample video.

Import Videos

Step 2.Proceed and click the "Repair" button after that. After getting the outcome, click the "Preview" button to check if the repaired black-screen video is suitable for what you’re seeking.


Step 3.Following that, confirm if the specifications below the video are acceptable. Then, click the "Save" button.


4 Efficient Ways to Fix Black Screens on Online Videos

How about online videos? It’s possible that you’ll encounter and complain about the ‘video is black on YouTube’ and other streaming platforms. Hence, see the quick ways you can get out of the issue in the following.

1. Check Network Connection

The likely suspect for the black screen on video is your network connectivity. It’s vital to check it first and see if it is sufficient to handle a smooth online video playback. However, if the case is negative, consider switching to another network with a strong connection. Now, see if you are still facing the black screen on YouTube; if so, you can proceed to the next fix.

2. Update Browser

Take note that an outdated browser is prone to glitches and slow performances, leading you to a black screen on videos instead of enjoying watching online content. Therefore, follow the complete steps to perform an update on your browser, specifically for Google Chrome.

Step 1.Open Chrome, then head to the "Custom and Control" button to access more options. Go down to "Help", and select "About Google Chrome" from the side menu.

Step 2.The browser will immediately check for updates. If there’s an update, download and install it right away.

Update Browser

3. Clear Cache

In case the first two don't fix black screen on videos, try clearing out the browser cache and cookies. Even though they help your browsing experience, once accumulated, they may slow down your browser and consume a lot of space. Here’s how to remove the cache on Chrome:

Step 1.Once in the Chrome browser, click the "Custom and Control" button and select "Clear browsing data" from the drop-down list.

Step 2.From another page, set the "Time range" to "All time". Then, check the boxes of the data you want to remove and ensure the cache and cookies are selected.

Click the "Clear data" button.

Clear Cache

4. Change Adobe Flash Player Settings

Suppose none of them is why your YouTube screen turns black. Maybe the Adobe Flash Player was the root, then. For this reason, uninstall and reinstall to get the updated version and confirm the browser’s JavaScript is enabled. Afterward, right-click on your video to see the settings option; there, be sure not to select the Enable hardware acceleration option.

How to Fix Black Screen While Playing Videos on Player

Enough with online videos, and get to know the ways to remove black on videos on your player software. If you’re among those who seek solutions to fix black screen while playing videos, here are the ways that are worthy of your time.

1. Reduce Video Card Hardware Acceleration

Know that the hardware acceleration can have problems working with your driver; hence, it needs to be reduced to fix video black screen. You can comply with the detailed steps in the following,

Step 1.Right-click on your desktop screen, then select "Personalize". Next, go to "Display Settings". Then, click the "Advanced Settings" option.

Step 2.Move to the "Troubleshoot" tab, then choose "Change Settings" and click the "Reduce Hardware Acceleration" button.

Reduce Video Card Hardware Acceleration

2. Check the Peripheral Devices

Another thing that can cause the black screen on videos is the peripheral devices. It will lead to a black screen issue if they aren't connected properly. Thus, the great way to fix this is to uninstall those devices and restart your computer system; you can check for malfunctioning peripherals by eliminating them individually and then check if the black screen is resolved.

3. Adjust Media Player Settings

Most of the time, your media player has a higher chance of producing a black screen on videos. You may wonder what fix you can do if your chosen player is the problem itself. Fortunately, by simply tweaking its settings, you can fix black screen on videos.

Step 1.For instance, if VLC is your player, go to its "Tools" tab, then select "Preferences" in the drop-down.

Step 2.Enter the "Video" widget. Under "Show settings", click the "All" radio button. Now, switch to the module you want in the "Video output module" menu, then restart the player.

Adjust Media Player Settings

4. Update Windows System

Nothing goes wrong when updating your Windows system, as it helps every component on your PC function properly, including fixing black screen on videos, black screen when recording, etc. As an outdated system is more vulnerable to lots of issues, checking and doing a regular update is essential.

Enter the "Windows Settings", then choose "Update & Security", among other sections. Inside the "Windows Update", click the "Check for updates" button to immediately scan for an available update.

Update Windows System

5. Update Display Drivers

Besides getting your system updated, it’s vital to update your display adapters, too, if you really want to enjoy watching videos without facing any errors. It’s another easy way to troubleshoot to fix black screen on videos.

Step 1.Access "Device Manager" by pressing the "Windows + X" keys. From the window, go to the "Display Adapters" category, expand it, and see your display driver.

Step 2.Right-click on your driver and pick the "Update drivers" option. Make sure to complete the installation instructions.

Update Display Driver

6. Enable Accelerated Graphics

Last, enabling accelerating graphics on your computer permits your system to use software rendering rather than the GPU. With this action, you can help resolve the black screen video issue.

Step 1.Open the "Run" command using the "Windows + R" keys. Then, enter inetcpl.cpl, click "Enter".

Step 2.Switch to the "Advanced" tab inside the new dialogue box. Find the "Accelerated Graphics" option, then check its box. Ultimately, click the "Apply" button and then the "OK" button. Restart your computer to apply all changes.

Enable Accelerated Graphics



Undoubtedly, the black screen video issue can annoy everyone; however, you learned today that you can fix black screen on videos! You can choose the perfect one among the 11 ways mentioned here, depending on what caused it. If the video is the problem, don’t hesitate to use AnyRec Video Repair. Its assistance effectively fixes damaged, unplayable, corrupt, choppy, and no sound videos. Visit it today, and then free download to get all your problematic videos playable.

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Free Download

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