Tutorial to Screen Record in Motorola and Huawei with Sound

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Most Android devices have similar ways of screen recording, but screen recording on Motorola and Huawei can be tricky. Motorola is well-known for its wireless telephone handset division, while Huawei has a unique interface called Emotion with an improved Google Android version. These two brands compete with other popular mobile brands like LG, Samsung, ASUS, etc. Suppose you first have one of these devices, and the functions are different from your old phone. This article will cover some simple guidelines on screen records on Motorola and Huawei.

Part 1: How to Screen Record on Motorola Models

This part will show the best way to screen record on a Motorola device. There are various ways to screen record, but it depends on your mobile unit. But the tutorial below shows the most common way to screen record your phone with a Motorola smartphone.

שלב 1.Press your phone's notification bar to access the screen recording function. You may need to swipe down again to show all the features. Swipe left, and you will see the Screen Recorder option. Tap on it to activate the feature.

שלב 2.בֶּרֶז הַתחָלָה to begin the recording when the prompt message appears. A floating widget will appear on one of the corners of the device. Continue to record until you capture all the essential information. Tap תפסיק to stop recording.

Here are the Motorola mobile units that have the Screen Record feature on Quick Access:

Part 2: How to Screen Record on Huawei Models

This part covers the steps to screen record on Huawei mobile devices. Huawei is designed with various to start the screen recorder, so this article will also give all the methods as tips if it's your first time having this specific mobile unit.

1. Double Click Screen

לך ל הגדרות and navigate to the Accessibility Features. Find Motion Control and head over to the קח צילום מסך setting. Enable the Smart Screenshot feature, then knock your screen using your two knuckles. This will activate הקלטת מסך.

Motorola Huawei Screen Record

2. Press the Up Volume and Power Button

The second most straightforward way to use the Screen Recorder is to hold the כּוֹחַ ו Up Volume buttons. Once the feature starts recording, show off your gaming skills or record information. Press the same buttons to stop the screen recording.

3. Tap Recorder on the Menu

פתח את ה הוֹדָעָה panel and swipe down again to fully open the list of features. Tap the מקליט מסך option and start recording. Touch the שָׁעוֹן עֶצֶר button at the top of the screen to stop the video. The video will be saved in the Gallery.

Part 3: Use AnyRec to Screen Record on All Motorola and Huawei

AnyRec Screen Recorder is the best alternative to screen record on Motorola and Huawei devices. It provides recording functions, including video, audio, phone, webcam, and game for different onscreen activities. The Preference menu has configurable settings to change the video format, frame rate, audio format, and quality. If you want to take a screenshot on your screen, the SnapShot will be accessible from the main menu. AnyRec Screen Recorder is the perfect tool for Motorola and Huawei.

חבילת מקליט מסך AnyRec
AnyRec Screen Recorder

Screen record various phone models, including Motorola and Huawei.

Provide a drawing tool to edit pictures to highlight on the phone.

Support Android and iOS with connecting methods on USB or Wi-Fi.

Record content like meetings, online discussions, live streams, etc.

שלב 1.Download and install AnyRec Screen Recorder by clicking the הורדה חינמית button. Once it is launched on your device, click the מקליט טלפון button from the main menu.

A Phone Recorder

שלב 2.Connect Android to the computer via USB or Wi-Fi. After connecting, you will see the phone’s screen on the desktop. Then click the תקליט לחצן כדי להתחיל את ההקלטה.

AnyRec Android

שלב 3.During screen recording, use SnapShot to take a screenshot of your phone’s screen. Trim the recorded video and save the output to finish the task.

AnyRec Record

Part 4: FAQs about Motorola and Huawei Recording


After learning how to screen record on Motorola and Huawei, you can use the feature for various purposes, such as recording voicemails, epic games, instructions, and short clips. For alternatives, AnyRec Screen Recorder is a desktop tool with powerful features. The Phone Recorder is the solution to screen record Motorola, Huawei, and other phone models. Try the free trial version to screen record on Android by clicking the Free Download button.

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