Record Sonic Frontiers and Adjust the Speedrunner for Fast Speed

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15 במאי 2023 (עודכן: 15 במאי 2023)הוגש אל: הקלט משחקיות

Sonic Frontiers is a new platform game introduced by Sega Corporation in 2022. Since its first launch, the series has sold over 2.5 million copies within a month. And many players want to record Sonic Frontiers with exciting moments. A speedrunner can finish the game in less than an hour. If you are determined to finish the game similarly, you must look for a practical screen recorder to capture the gameplay. This article will guide you on how to save in Sonic Frontiers and how to capture.

Part 1: Use AnyRec to Record Sonic Frontiers without Lag in High FPS

Recording the game means you might have to drop the frame rate, but with AnyRec Screen Recorder, it ensures to capture Sonic Frontiers on Mac and Windows in the best quality. The desktop software has multiple recording functions for any media type, including the Game Recorder with non-stop recording. This recorder will take less CPU usage when recording the Sonic Frontiers. You do not have to worry about the game will have lag while using this software.

חבילת מקליט מסך AnyRec
AnyRec Screen Recorder

Get a built-in game recorder to capture Sonic Frontiers without interruptions.

Take less CPU usage to ensure the game runs smoothly.

Output video in different formats to share on YouTube, and more social media.

Snapshoot the Sonic Frontiers with the shortcuts quickly.

שלב 1.לחץ על הורדה חינמית button on AnyRec Screen Recorder. Launch the app and click the Game Recorder button on the main interface. Ensure you open the game to detect it.

מקליט משחק AnyRec

שלב 2.Click the dropdown menu from the Select the Game section and find the gameplay. Proceed to activate the system sound and microphone to capture the game and your audio.

AnyRec Rec

שלב 3.להגדרות אחרות, עבור אל הַעֲדָפָה menu and change the video settings. You can also choose another location folder for the recorded file or change the audio settings.

הגדרת פלט AnyRec

שלב 4.Start recording by clicking the REC button. Use the controls on the widget menu to pause or stop the recording. Click the לְהַשְׁלִים לחצן כדי לשמור את קובץ הווידאו.

AnyRec Trim Export

Part 2: Use Xbox Game Bar to Record Sonic Frontiers in One Hour

There is a built-in video recorder for Windows 10 and 11 to capture Sonic Frontiers, which is Xbox Game Bar. The tool allows you to track your device’s performance, control sound, and access frame rate. On the other hand, it provides a screen recorder with a maximum of one hour to capture gameplay. Record your best play on Sonic Frontiers with Xbox Game Bar on Windows.

שלב 1.After activating Game Bar from the settings, press the Windows logo and G key on your keyboard to open Game Bar. Click the Xbox logo and navigate to the Game DVR settings.

שלב 2.חפש את ה Record in the Background While I’m Playing a Game option and switch it on. Then, press the Windows key + Alt + R to start recording the game.

Xbox Game Bar Record in The Background

Part 3: Set Sonic Frontiers Speedrunner with Fluency Game Experience

Sonic Frontiers comes with a bang; you will like to see its full speed while playing. But since the developers thought of how the fans and new players wanted to play the game, they added a way to control the speed of Sonic. See the instructions below on how to set the fastest speed of Sonic Frontiers.

שלב 1.Open the menu and click the Plus button on the controller. If you have an Xbox or PS5, click the Menu/Options button. Navigate to Options and select Game Settings.

שלב 2.Alter the starting speed, boost the turning speed, and turn speed. If you want to set the speed by default, move the slider to the middle part to get a balanced gameplay experience.

Sonic Speed Adjust

Part 4: FAQs about Recording Sonic Frontiers


This article shows you how to record Sonic Frontiers for those epic moments. You also learned how to adjust the speedrunner from Xbox and PS5, which gives you speed you have never seen before. For the best alternative, AnyRec Screen Recorder provides a professional way to להקליט ב-PS5, Xbox, computer, and so on. Try the free trial version by clicking the הורדה חינמית לַחְצָן.

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