Top 8 External Microphones for Android – Pros and Cons

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No matter you want to make a live stream, create a podcast, or record an audiobook on your phone, a good external microphone for Android is necessary. Creating an audio content is really easy and enjoyable now for everyone, even with the built-in mic. But to produce high-quality content and attract more fans, you can read this article to pick the best external microphone for Android with the real reviews.

Reviews on the Best 8 External Microphones for Android

Top 1: Yeti USB Microphone from BlueMic

This mic works great as an external mic for Android and it is placed on a unique tri-capsule with cardioid, bidirectional, omnidirectional, and stereo recording features. The price tag is decent enough for every beginner, while even professionals would appreciate the quality of the sound it produces. It’s overall the best option for your podcasting tasks. But for pros who always seek the best product, you can go for the high-end mics from the same BlueMic product line.

Provide USB connection with better audio quality.
Excelente rango dinámico.
La cancelación de ruido es genial.
Más pesado que otros candidatos en esta lista.
Not the best for professionals.
Micrófono azul

Top 2: Rode SmartLav Plus Lavalier Microphone

This external microphone for Android is truly microphone engineering masterpiece. It’s a professional mic that brought the broadcasting-level audio quality directly to your pocket. The wearable device comes in such a small size that perfectly suits for being used while traveling around with your Android smartphone. The long cable that comes with the mic is so durable that it gains many favors from many broadcasting professionals.

Professional-level audio quality.
Están disponibles tanto las opciones con cable como las inalámbricas.
Easy to bring everywhere.
Don't work with DLSR.
El rango de captación de audio es promedio.
Rode SmartLav Plus Micrófono Lavalier

Top 3: Audio-Technica ATR3350iS

If you wish to try sports broadcasting mics on a budget, this external microphone for Android is the ultimate choice. The no-nonsense design language by Audio Technica guarantees as little distraction as possible, while the audio pickup is excellent. But keep in mind that you need to purchase batteries separately.

Captación de sonido omnidireccional.
Etiqueta de precio asequible.
Cancelación de eco y ruidos ambientales.
La batería se agota muy rápido.
Can only be used with wire.
Micrófono Audio-Technica

Top 4: Movo PM10

This external microphone for Android is definitely a cheap option. It delivers decent results as a budget wearable mic. As compact as it is, Movo PM10 has universal support for various devices including Android, iOS, and even DLSR cameras. For only $14.95, you couldn't ask for more.

Movo PM10
Compatibilidad con dispositivos universales.
Great price, which is only $14.95.
La calidad es solo decente en el mejor de los casos, no sugerida para un uso de nivel profesional.

Top 5: Shure MVL

The suggested Android external microphone for mobile journalism and field recording. If you want to record an interview or a lecture, simply plugin Shure MVL to your Android device and hit the record button. It's also supported by tablets.

Provide omnidirectional recording.
Excellent signal-to-noise ratio.
Audio quality is not good as professionals.
Quite expensive like professional ones.
Shure MVL

Top 6: Comica CVM-VS08

It's a great mobile mic with 100% Aluminum body. The shotgun mic could be connected to your Android or iPhone via a headphone jack. Thus, if you are using a newer device without a headphone jack, you might need to invest in a dongle as a converter.

Buen producto a un precio asequible.
Tamaño compacto con un diseño más premium.
El modo de audio no funciona de fábrica con los teléfonos Android de Huawei.
Algunos usuarios informan problemas como distorsiones.
Comica CVM

Top 7: Rode VideoMic Me

Another sensationally great cardioid mini-shotgun microphone for Android smartphones. It's a high-quality microphone for mobile devices with a 3.5mm headphone input, designed to give you incredible audio when shooting video. The positive part about using a shotgun mic is that it gives you the capacity of listening to your recording on a live stream.

Montaje flexible para colocar en cualquier teléfono.
Ideal para grabar diálogos a la cámara, entrevistas y películas.
La calidad del sonido no es tan diferente de un fonema predeterminado.
Tener problemas para lidiar con ruidos estáticos.
Rode VideoMic Me

Top 8: Rode VideoMicro Compact On

It is a compact microphone designed to improve the audio quality. Not only be regarded as an external microphone for Android, it’s also used in a wide range of cameras. You should note that it is mainly focused on the voice in front of your Android instead of all the voice around.

Produce high-quality audio for Android and camera.
Need no battery.
Some surrounding voice can't be recorded.
A little heavy for bringing out.
Rode Videomicro Compact On

How to Record Microphone on Android with High Quality

For people who need a great external mic for Android, you should also choose a professional audio recording software as well to keep high quality. AnyRec Screen Recorder is the top-ranked choice in the market share of audio recording software. It offers probably the best audio quality with professional and easy-to-use editing options.

Grabador de pantalla
AnyRec Screen Recorder

Grabe el sonido de la computadora y la voz del micrófono con alta calidad.

Optimize audio recording quality in clicks, including amplifying weak audio, reduce audio noise, etc.

Use shortcuts to start, pause, resume, and trim audio recording.

Export the recorded audio in MP3, WAV, AAC, and more formats.

Descarga gratis

100% seguro

Descarga gratis

100% seguro

Paso 1.Launch AnyRec Screen Recorder and click on the "Phone Recorder" button to proceed. Then, you can choose "Android".

Elija el sistema telefónico

Paso 2.Connect your Android to the computer through the same Wi-Fi or QR code according to your need. Please download and launch Fonelab Mirror on your Android.

Android Wifi Dected

Paso 3.After connecting the external mircophone to your Android, please enable the "Microphone" recording. Then, click on the "REC" button to start.

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Creating a popular podcast program needs reliable sound recording tools. We have gone through the top 8 micrófonos externos para tu Android dispositivo, junto con el mejor software de grabación de audio disponible. Esperamos que el hardware y el software sugeridos en este artículo ayuden enormemente a los podcasters de todos los niveles.

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