How to Compress AVI Files [No Matter How Large They Are]

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“How to compress AVI files?” You are probably searching for answers to that question after noticing that your AVI files are beginning to consume ample space on your computer! Although they offer high video quality, storing much of them will consume space and make your device run slower. Going back to the question, this post provides five reliable ways to compress AVI files and solve your problems! So, without further ado, start exploring each of these ways below!

Best Way to Compress AVI Files with No Quality Loss

The first way to compress AVI videos is by using the professional AnyRec Video Converter! Unlike other tools out there, this tool shrinks AVI files without losing the original quality. It is infused with a slider, which you can use to decrease the AVI file to the desired size easily and quickly. Moreover, the preview function enables you to see the alterations before exporting it. Aside from it, you can also trim the AVI videos to compress AVI file size with AnyRec Video Converter.

Paquete AnyRec Video Converter
AnyRec Video Converter

Directly adjust the AVI file size from 1% to 99% to shrink its size.

Can also trim or crop AVI videos to reduce the file size easily.

Able to adjust the output parameters to keep high-quality output.

Provide 1000+ video/audio format to export the compressed AVI.

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Paso 1.Instalar en pc AnyRec Video Converter on your computer. Next, click the “Toolbox” tab, select the “Video Compressor” option, and click the “Add” button to bring in the AVI file.

Comprimir video

Paso 2.Next, drag the “Size” slide to the left to compress AVI or enter a specific file size on the input box. You can also configure the “Resolution, Bitrate, and Duration” options.

Compress Size

Paso 3.Once you have completed the configurations, click the “Preview” button to see your changes. If you are satisfied with the result, click the “Compress” button.

Preview Compress
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How to Use Handbrake to Compress AVI Videos

Don’t forget to compress AVI with Handbrake. This tool is an open-source and free video transcoder that can convert and compress videos. It lets you tweak an AVI video’s resolution and frame rate to compress its file size. However, Handbrake does not offer specific file size options, making it hard to get your ideal size. And it will compromise the video quality when compressing AVI files.

Paso 1.Run Handbrake on your computer. After that, drag and drop the AVI file you wish to compress to the tool’s drop file area interface to import it.

import AVI File

Paso 2.Next, click the “Video” tab and select the lowest “Framerate (FPS)” value. After that, click the “Presets” dropdown button and select the “720p30” option.

Alter fps

Paso 3.Then, click the “Browse” button and pick a file folder where you want to store the output. After that, click the “Encode” button to compress the AVI video via Handbrake.


Steps to Shrink AVI through VLC Media Player

Apart from Handbrake, you can also use VLC Media Player to compress AVI videos. Aside from its ability to play various video files, it is also infused with compressor and AVI to MOV converter features. Like Handbrake, VLC compresses AVI videos by tweaking their codec, bitrate, frame rate, and quality. However, there are cases where VLC removes the AVI video’s sound after it is compressed.

Paso 1.Run VLC on your computer. After that, click the “Media” tab at the upper left corner and select the “Convert/Save” option.


Paso 2.Next, click the “Add” button to bring in the AVI file you want to compress. Then, click the “Convert/Save” button to proceed to the next step.

import AVI Video

Paso 3.Click the “Profile” dropdown button and select the “Video - H.265 + MP3 (MP4)” option. You can also click the “Settings” button, click the “Video codec” tab, and tweak the parameters.

Compress AVI Video

Etapa 4.Once you are done tweaking the parameters, click the “Save” button. Then, click the “Browse” button, select where to save the output, and click the “Start” button to compress AVI.

Start Compress

Best 2 Online Tools to Easily Reduce AVI File Size

Besides those desktop tools, there are also online tools on the market that let you compress AVI videos efficiently. And on this specific part, you’ll see two of them here! Explore each of them and choose the one that suits your necessities.

1. Clideo

The first tool you can use to compress videos in AVI format is Clideo. This online tool offers a fast video compression process. You just need to import the AVI file and let Clideo compress it. However, Clideo doesn’t provide its full features for free, particularly its Superb option (Small file size, high-quality). If that’s okay with you and you still want to compress AVI using Clideo, here are the steps for you:

Paso 1.Open your browser and access the “Clideo Compress AVI Online” website. Then click “Choose file” and select the AVI video you wish to compress.


Paso 2.Then, choose between the “Basic, Strong, and Superb” compression options (each offering a unique output). After that, click the “Compress” button to reduce AVI size.

Compress AVI Clideo

2. Invideo AI

Another online tool you can utilize to compress AVI is Invideo AI. This online tool offers much better service than Clideo, which allows you to compress videos easily without signing up an account. Moreover, it lets you quickly achieve up to 80% file size compression with the desired audio quality. However, this online tool only enables you to compress AVI video with a maximum 800MB file size.

Paso 1.Access the “Invideo AVI Compressor” website. After that, click the “Compress Your AVI” button and drag and drop the AVI file to the online tool’s interface.


Paso 2.Next, drag the “Compression quality” slider based on which option you prefer: Minimum, Moderate, or Maximum. Then, click “Compress File”. Once done, download the output.

Compress File



That’s it! Those are the five easy ways to compress AVI videos! Through them, you can quickly and efficiently shrink AVI videos and save more space on your computer! If you want a tool that lets you compress AVI videos without losing their original quality, the professional AnyRec Video Converter is what you need! This tool lets you compress your AVI videos by tweaking their file size, resolution, and bitrate. Then, it provides you with the best lossless quality output! So, download this tool and compress all of your AVI videos today!

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