5 Efficient Methods to Take Screenshots on Android 11

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Get 5 easy ways to take screenshots on your Android 11:

  • AnyRec Screen Recorder: Mirror Android to computer > click "Snapshot" > choose capture area > add annotations > save.
  • Combinations: Press "Power" and "Volume" buttons > edit or save Android 11 screenshots.
  • Google Assistant: Install the app > say "Hey Google" > say "Take a screenshot".
  • Gesture: Go to "Settings" > "Gesture shortcuts" > "Take a screenshot" > enable the gesture function.
  • Assistive Touch: Open the app > tap "Enable" > "Custom" > "Screenshot".

100% 安全


100% 安全

Since Google has removed the screenshot option from the power button, how can you screenshot on Android 11 now? When you want to share interesting posts or to save a photo, there are still many different methods for you to capture your Android 11. Keep reading this post to get 5 snipping tools to take screenshots on Android with the desired size and the original quality.

Best Way to Screenshot Android 11 without Missing Highlights

No matter you want to screenshot Android 11 of live stream, interesting posts, or just app interface, you can use AnyRec Screen Recorder to capture all highlights quickly. You can set the desired hotkeys to take snapshot without pausing the screen. Moreover, the screenshot size can be adjusted freely into full screen or selected area. It also provides the annotation tools, editing features, and more others to polish screenshots. Have a try on this all-in-one snipping tool and take screenshots on Android 11 with high quality.

AnyRec Screen Recorder

從您的 Android 和桌面捕獲屏幕截圖並錄製視頻。





100% 安全


100% 安全

步驟1。Once you have already mirrored the Android phone to your computer, you can launch the program and click the "Snapshot" button to take a screenshot on your Android 11.


第2步。通過移動鼠標來自定義Android手機的截圖區域 屏幕截圖部分 or the full screen.


第 3 步。Just add annotations, such as callouts, arrows, lines, and more other elements. Then, click the "Save" button to get the screenshot on Android 11.


100% 安全


100% 安全

Take a Screenshot on Android 11 with Simple Key Combinations

這是在 Android 11 上截取屏幕截圖的默認方法,可以在所有 Android 設備上完成。您所要做的就是讓您的手指保持同步。以下是使用組合鍵拍攝快照的方法。



第 3 步。You can edit and save the photo, or you can screen capture on Android 11 again if some details aren't taken in the first shot.


當您需要在 Android 11 上進行捲動螢幕截圖時,您可以點擊「捲動截圖」按鈕,直到到達內容末端。

How to Screen Capture Using Google Assistant on Android 11

大多數 Android 設備現在都有 Google Assistant,這是一個真正有用的工具,可以讓工作更輕鬆。至 take screenshots on Android 11, make sure that "Google Assistant" has already been enabled on your devices. But it won't capture your screen in real-time since there is a time delay in waking up Google Assistant.

步驟1。Make sure you have installed Google Assistant on your Android 11. Go to the desired page or the screen that you want to screen capture in your Android devices.

第2步。Say "Hey Google" or "Okay Google" on Android 11. By saying this, it will wake the Google Assistant on your Android phone.

第 3 步。When the Google Assistant has been launched and responded to your command. Then, say "Take a Screen capture". The Google Assistant will do the screen capturing on Android 11 automatically.

Screenshot Android 11 Google Assistant

How to Use Gestures to Take Screenshots on Androids 11

手勢功能是另一種捕獲快照的方法。有了這個,小動作就可以成為我們操作手機的助手。只需了解有關如何使用三指在 Android 11 上截取屏幕截圖的更多詳細信息。

步驟1。 Open your Android 11, and go to the "Settings" application. Find the "Gestures" feature and choose the "System navigation" option on your device.


第 3 步。啟用手勢後,您可以通過向下滑動三個手指來使用它。它將在您的 Android 手機上截取屏幕截圖。

Gesture to Screenshot Android 11

Assistive Touch App to Capture Screenshots on Android 11

當您需要在 Android 11 上輕鬆拍攝快照時,「輔助觸控」是管理 Android 手機的最佳選擇之一。將螢幕截圖工具新增至應用程式後,您可以一鍵擷取所需的檔案。

步驟1。On your Android 11, go to your "Play Store" and download the "Assistive Touch" application on Android 11.

第2步。打開應用程式並按下「啟用」按鈕以在 Android 裝置上啟動輔助觸控。

第 3 步。「自訂」選單可讓您設定所有功能並將所需的工具自訂到自訂欄,包括「螢幕截圖」工具。

步驟4。設定自訂欄後,您可以啟動應用程式並點擊「螢幕截圖」選單以在 Android 11 上拍攝快照。(找到 安卓截圖文件夾.)

Assistive Touch Capture Android 11

有關 Android 11 截圖的常見問題解答


Now that you have learned the different tips and tricks on how to take a screenshot on Android 11. Go on and try them on your own devices. If you like these ideas and if they help you a lot, share your thoughts with us through email. By the way, you can run AnyRec Screen Recorder to take screenshots at anytime even when you are 觀看體育直播. Have a try on its hotkeys to get better experience.


100% 安全


100% 安全