How to Screen Record on Android 14/13/12/11? [5 Ways]

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Perhaps you want to share your intense game moments with your followers or content with your friends. So, how to screen record on Android? The good thing is that Android has had a default recorder since Android 11, but some devices, like Samsung, have had the feature since Android 9. However, for everyone to enjoy recording, discover today the 5 efficient methods to record your screen on Android in all versions.

Default Way to Screen Record on Android 11 and Above

Way back, almost all Android users used a third-party application if they wanted to screen record their screen. However, this stopped when the company updated to Android 11 and provided the built-in screen recorder to assist you in capturing on-screen activities. Now, if you have been using the Android 14/13/12/11 versions, check out the following steps on how to screen record on Android without the app.

Passo 1.Find the built-in recorder under the "Quick Settings" menu; swipe down your Android screen to access it. To view more options, tap any button from the grid of settings.

Default Locate The Recorder

Passo 2.Locate the "Screen Recorder" feature with a "Camera" icon. Tapping the button will change the icon to blue and enable the function to record Android screen.

Default Start Recording

Before that, a pop-up page will inform you about the information that your screen recorder will have access to. In this step, you can adjust the volume, allow the microphone, etc.

Etapa 3.After checking all permissions, you can tap on the "Start Recording" button to bring the three-second countdown out before recording your on-screen activities.

Default Screen Record On Android

Passo 4.The built-in record has a floating toolbar that gives you the option to pause and stop the recording if you want. And the recordings will be saved on the "Photos" app.

4 More Useful Tools to Screen Record on All Android

For those who use an older version of Android or perhaps aren’t satisfied with how the built-in recording works, consider using the following apps to record your Android screen! The four applications will give you unique features that will make recording more enjoyable.

1. Gravador de tela AnyRec

Starting with the best recording program on Windows and Mac, AnyRec Screen Recorder is designed to capture any on-screen activities on your Android/iPhone with up to 4K resolution. Moreover, this software is capable of setting the parameters you like, as well as an output format that is perfect for many platforms and devices. Whether for personal or professional use, this screen recorder for Android 14/13/12 and all versions can meet your requirements.

AnyRec Screen Recorder
AnyRec Screen Recorder

Provide a designed phone recorder to capture Android via USB or Wi-Fi.

Have editing tools that you can use after recording to trim extra parts.

Enjoy all recordings without watermarks and in your preferred output settings.

Custom hotkeys for easy recording start, pause, resume, stop, and capture.

Download grátis

100% Secure

Download grátis

100% Secure

Passo 1.Lançar AnyRec Screen Recorder and click the "Phone" button on its home screen. You can just click the "Android Recorder" button to screen record on Android.

Escolha o sistema telefônico

Passo 2.Now, you have to choose whether to use a Wi-Fi or USB connection to join your phone to the computer. Follow the guide to connect with FoneLab Mirror or QR code.

Android Wifi detectado

Meanwhile, for a USB connection, be sure to use a workable wire to connect your phone to the computer.


Etapa 3.Once all set, you can start recording your Android phone by clicking the "Record" button on your computer screen.

Download grátis

100% Secure

Download grátis

100% Secure

2.DU Screen Recorder

DU Screen Recorder is a no-cost application used not just for recording your Android/iOS but also for tablet screens. It also covers extra features, including editing recorded videos and live streaming. What’s more, the recording process can be easily accessed with its floating window or the notification bar for a quick recording session. With this app, you can enjoy learning how to screen record on Android and, at the same time, won’t worry about your storage space.

Passo 1.Upon launching DU Screen Recorder, you should see a "floating" icon on your screen; tap on it to start recording screen on Android 14/13/12/11.

Passo 2.The "floating" icon permits you to temporarily pause the recording, resume it, or stop it once it is completed. Then, you are free to edit it within the app and save it.

Du Screen Record On Android

3.ADV Screen Recorder

ADV Screen Recorder is another great option for practicing how to screen record on Android 14/13/12/11 quickly. It is a free app that permits you to record everything on your phone, even the front-facing camera, screen touches, and draw on your screen. Furthermore, it provides unlimited recording durations; hence, if you’re looking for a solution to record lengthy content in high-quality footage, this recording is worth trying.

Passo 1.Run the ADV Screen Recorder on your device. Before recording screen on Android, you can customize options like resolution, frame rate, floating buttons, etc., in its "Settings".

Passo 2.Next, if you choose the "Floating" button in "Settings" tap on it to begin recording. Otherwise, for the "Notification Bar", swipe down on your screen to see the app notification’s "Record" button.

Etapa 3.If you wish to conclude the Android recording, tap the "Stop" button from the floating bar or notification panel, depending on what control recordings you choose.

Adv Screen Record On Android

4.AZ Screen Recorder

For your final best choice to learn how to record screens on Android with music, go for the AZ Screen Recorder. This free application allows you to video, capture, and even go for a live video! You have complete control over the phone’s notification shade, as well as some parameters, like resolution, bit rate, frame rate, and more.

Passo 1.After launching the app, you’ll see options for video recording, taking screenshots, and more. Tap the "Record" button to choose to record both screen and audio on Android.

Passo 2.Before recording, you can alter some settings, like the resolution and quality, turn on/off the microphone, show screen touches, and others. After that, tap the "Record" button.

Etapa 3.Once finished, swipe down on your screen to access the panel where you can see the "Stop" button; please tap on it to end the Android 14/13/12/11 screen recording.

Az Screen Record On Android



To sum it all up, this post has gathered solutions for you to screen record on Android. Whether you want to use the built-in screen recorder on Android 14/13/12/11 or third-party applications, you won’t have trouble using them now. Speaking of third-party apps, make sure to give time to get to know AnyRec Screen Recorder better. This works as your phone, video, or audio recorder, which has too many features in its sleeves. It works for free and will give you an effortless and enjoyable Android screen recording experience.

Download grátis

100% Secure

Download grátis

100% Secure

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