2 Ways to Record World of Tanks Battles with Friends/Fans

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World of Tanks allows you to experience the 1910-1970s era of combat with armored vehicles in a group. Many players like to record World of Tanks' epic battles. In the tank fighting with other players, you can control a vehicle of choice for firing, moving, and communicating with allies. It feels like you are in a Cold War and must share the gameplay with your friends. This article gives you the best way to record World of Tanks on your device with high definition.

Part 1: Use AnyRec to Record World of Tanks and Share on Social Media Directly

AnyRec Screen Recorder is a lightweight desktop tool that provides video, online activities, music, and gameplay recording options. With no time limit and lag, this software is suitable for any content recording on Windows and macOS. It supports 4K resolution with a configurable frame rate of up to 60FPS. The hardware acceleration also helps to record gameplay in HD without buffering like other recorders. Use AnyRec Screen Recorder to capture World of Tanks on any platform easily.

حزمة مسجل الشاشة AnyRec
AnyRec Screen Recorder

Record your gameplay with audio and webcam when playing with teamer.

Export the video clip as MP4, MOV, WebM, and WMV for video sites.

Keep the game running in influence and with no lag when recording it.

Share the World of Tank recorded video to social media directly.

الخطوة 1.Download AnyRec Screen Recorder by clicking the تنزيل مجاني button. Proceed to open the World of Tanks, so the app can detect it, then click the مسجل اللعبة زر.

AnyRec Ga,e Recorder World of Tank

الخطوة 2.انقر على هيأ button to head to the Preference menu. From the Output section, change the video settings. Click the نعم button after editing the settings.

AnyRec Output Settings World of Tank

الخطوه 3.انقر على REC button to start recording. A 3-second countdown will start before the actual recording. While playing, you can use the widget menu to pause, stop, and others.

AnyRec Rec World of Tank

الخطوة 4.To stop the recording, click the قف button. You can trim the video clip by moving the slider from the beginning and ending points at the timeline. Click the يصدر زر للمتابعة.

AnyRec Trim Export World of Tank

Part 2: Set World of Tanks to Record Last Played Game or All Gameplay

There are two features to record World of Tanks in the game. The first one is the last played game, which records the last minutes of the recent game. On the other hand, you can capture the whole game in 4K and 60FPS by choosing the All option from the settings. This is an excellent choice if the whole game has epic moments you don’t want to miss. The only problem using this method is the storage space consumption since all recorded games are of good quality and too many are in the folder.

Last Played Game option:

الخطوة 1.Go to the game's settings to check if you have the right setting. Navigate to the General page and enable the battle recording. This will open a dropdown menu where you can see the three options: None, Last, and All.

الخطوة 2.Select the Last option and return to the main menu to play the game. After playing, head to the drive where World of Tanks is located. Click the folder where you can find the replays. Rename the file so it will not overwrite when you play another game.

General Enable Battle Recording

All option:

الخطوة 1.Navigate to the settings and enter the General menu to activate the Battle Recording option. Choose the All option from the dropdown menu. Remember that every game you play will be saved automatically.

الخطوة 2.Locate the saved game in the World of Tanks folder and rename it. You can share the video on wotreplays.com from the My Links tab. Ensure you put a title and description, then upload the video to share it with co-players.

Part 3: FAQs about Recording World of Tank


Finally, you know how to record World of Tanks on your device! Luckily, the game has a recording feature, enabling you to capture the last part of the game or the whole duration. But for a quicker and easier way to set up recording, you can use AnyRec Screen Recorder with high-quality output for recording World of Tanks. The advanced settings will help you set up the video, like Overwatch, لعبة منطقة الحرب, and so on, with frame rate, format, and quality. Try the free trial version now!

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