Convert M4A to MP3 for High Compatibility [Windows/Mac]

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Although M4A is a good audio format for Apple users to save high-quality music, you may consider how to convert M4A to MP3 for all devices and platforms. Moreover, MP3 is a standard audio format with smaller sizes used for any player. No worries, this article will help you figure out the best tool to convert M4A to MP3 by reading through the six exemplary methods. Get started and listen to music on Windows and Android.

Default Method to Convert M4A to MP3 via iTunes on Mac

For Mac users, iTunes is the default software on Mac to play and convert M4A music to MP3. You don’t need to download other tools. But it’s not professional for audio conversion because of no customized settings. Besides, the output format is limited to MP3. Now, learn the steps below to convert M4A to MP3 with iTunes:

步骤1。打开 iTunes 并单击窗口顶部的“编辑”按钮。单击“首选项”按钮打开“常规首选项”。单击“导入设置”按钮更改编码器。

第2步。单击下拉菜单,然后单击“MP3 编码器”按钮。您还可以通过单击“设置”按钮自定义音频质量。完成后,单击“确定”按钮。

iTunes 常规导入

第 3 步。转至 iTunes 资料库并选择 M4A 文件。单击“文件”按钮,然后单击“创建新版本”按钮,然后单击“创建 MP3 版本”按钮。单击此按钮后,转换后的 MP3 文件将默认位于 iTunes Media 文件夹中。

iTunes 创建 MP3 版本

All-in-One Way to Convert M4A to MP3 on Windows/Mac

If you are looking for the easiest way to play and convert M4A to MP3 on Windows/Mac, AnyRec Video Converter is for you. With this software, you can convert files without losing the original quality, and it allows you to customize the audio codecs for better audio quality. Moreover, you can trim the audio, increase the volume, remove the noise, and more.

AnyRec 视频转换器包
适用于 Windows/Mac 的强大 M4A 到 MP3 转换器

使用高品质音频轻松将 M4A 转换为 MP3 格式。

一次转换多个 M4A 文件的速度提高 50 倍。

Able to compress the MP3 files to reduce more size.



100% 安全


100% 安全

步骤1。打开 AnyRec Video Converter and click the "Add" button to add M4A files. You can also add batch files by dragging and dropping.


第2步。Click the "Audio Format" drop-down list in the right side and click "MP3" format from the "Audio" section. For better quality, you can set the parameters by clicking the "Custom Profile" button.


第 3 步。Once you go back to the main page, edit the audio file by clicking the "Edit" and "Cut" buttons. You can cut, trim, and even 增加 MP3 音量 高达 200%。

编辑 WAV 音频文件

步骤4。If you are satisfied with the changes, click the "Convert All" button on the right lower part of the pane and wait for it to convert M4A to MP3.


在线将 M4A 转换为 MP3 的 4 种方法

There are still online converters that will help you convert M4A to MP3. Some alternatives may differ from the expectations you have in mind because online tools always have size limitation and less features.


云转换 is one of the best tools to change M4A to MP3. With its simple interface, you can convert any file without worries. However, there is no guarantee to retrieve the lost file when the internet connection is disconnected. Learn the detailed steps to convert M4A to MP3 now:

步骤1。Go to your browser and search for CloudConvert. Find the M4A to MP3 converter option, and click the "Select File" button to select the desired M4A file.

CloudConvert 选择文件

第2步。Click the "Settings" button to edit the audio's bitrate, codec, and many more advanced settings. In this way, you can convert M4A to MP3 with high quality.

CloudConvert 将 M4A 转换为 MP3

第 3 步。Finally, click the "Convert" button and wait to complete the conversion of M4A to MP3. Then, click the "Download" button to save it to your computer.

CloudConvert 下载文件

2. 转换

This online M4A to MP3 converter is accessible and user-friendly. With its advanced settings, you can change the audio channels, bitrate, and other settings for better audio quality. However, you can only convert audio file up to 100MB file size.

步骤1。Navigate to Convertio website. Click the "Choose Files" button to select the desired file to convert. You can also obtain files from Dropbox and Google Drive.

第2步。Once you have chosen the M4A file, click the "Settings" button to customize the audio before converting it. You can cut, change frequency, and edit more on this step.

第 3 步。完成后,单击“转换”按钮进行转换。等待它完成,然后单击“下载”按钮将其保存到您的设备。

Convertio 将 M4A 转换为 MP3

3. 扎姆扎尔

扎姆扎尔 is the most accessible tool to convert M4A to MP3. You can't be lost in the process as Zamzar has the simple steps to help you convert without a problem. But unlike other apps, this online M4A to MP3 converter does not come with settings to edit your audio quality.

步骤1。Search Zamzar on your browser and click the "Add Files" button. Click the "Convert To" under the second step for the drop-down menu to appear. Click the "MP3 format" button.

第2步。选择 MP3 格式后,单击“立即转换”按钮开始 将 M4A 转换为 MP3. Then, you can email the file or directly download it with the "Download" button.

ZamZar 将 M4A 转换为 MP3

4. 自由转换

This online tool is free and available on any browser. 自由转换 guarantees you to protect the uploaded file and delete them after 2 hours of converting. Moreover, it supports various audio and video formats so that you can convert M4A to MP3, MKV 转 AVI等。但是,与其他在线转换器一样,它可能会在转换过程中崩溃,并且您可能会失去进度。

步骤1。Go to FreeConvert website on any browser. Click the "Choose Files" button to select your desired M4A file to convert. Then, select the MP3 format by clicking the "Convert To" button.

笔记: To edit the audio quality, click the "Settings" button to enable the advanced options. Click the "Apply Settings" button to save the changes.

FreeConvert 高级选项

第2步。Go back to the main page, and click the "Convert To MP3" button to start the M4A to MP3 conversion. Wait for a while and click the "Download" button to save it to your device.

FreeConvert 将 M4A 转换为 MP3

有关将 M4A 转换为 MP3 的常见问题解答


The conversion of M4A to MP3 comes with different methods, and have learn the detailed steps in this post. You can use iTunes for Mac, and the professional software - AnyRec Video Converter for Windows and Mac. Through it, you can convert any file anytime you want it without worrying about losing audio quality. Try the free trial now! If you have any question, please contact us.


100% 安全


100% 安全