A Full Answer: Are Microphone/Speaker Input or Output Audio?

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Are microphone/speaker input or output audio? Obviously, the speaker works as an output device. However, you may be mistaken about the "Is a microphone input or output?" Once the mic is linked to a computer, it sends input, meaning it is an input device. On the other hand, it can be an input/output device if they are used with the built-in headphones. Is it confusing, right? Therefore, review this post for full details about input and output devices. Enjoy reading!

Are the Microphone/Speaker the Input or Output Devices?

Is Microphone input or output? As noted earlier, it works as an input device when it sends an audio signal to a computer or other devices. The audio signal is transformed into a digital format that will be transmitted to a computer, so it makes it an input device. Microphones are used as an input device commonly for audio calling, voice recording, or voice recognition.

On the other hand, it could also be considered as an output device if the mic is with a built-in headphone. The mic’s primary purpose is to input an audio signal, while the built-in headphones will receive the audio signals from a computer, making them an output device.

Meanwhile, concerning the question, "Is a speaker input or output?" the speaker is regarded as an output device. Since the speaker's main job is to play audio from the computer, it is an output audio. It receives the audio signal and then converts it to the sound people hear. You can use your computer’s speakers or purchase external audio equipment that delivers quality sound.

Anyway, no matter what the microphone and speaker are, whether an input or output device, you can always record both input and output audio with AnyRec Screen Recorder. This influential software records in high quality, not minding if you’re recording both computer system and microphone sounds at the same time. It can be your best recorder for online meetings, classes, lectures, calls, gameplay, etc. Learn a lot more by downloading this program.

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Know More about the Input and Output Audio/Device

After going over the matter of "Are microphone/speaker input or output audio?", you must look closely at how input and output differ and what each audio does.

Input devices: Send information to another device, while output produces the audio information that comes from a device, which is evidently the speaker.

For example, an Audio Interface can perform Digital to Analog and Analog to Digital conversions, meaning it can process the mic signal and alter it into a digital format that a computer understands or the other way around. It is like microphones with built-in headphones. This one can be connected directly to a computer, making it an input but also output as it has a headphone jack, where all audio information from the computer will be acquired.

So, "Are microphone/speaker input or output audio?". Microphones are doubtless input devices, while devices like headphones or speakers are output. If you desire more input and output devices, look deeper into the following part.

Know More about the Devices Producing Input/Output Audio

Finally, you both answer the questions, "Is a speaker an input or output device?" and "Is a microphone an input or output device?". Now, it’s the moment to get to know about the devices that work as input or output devices. Not to mention, there are a lot; some are present in every household, which can be seen daily.

List of Input Devices:

Microphones. It lets users send an audio signal to a computer, allowing the sound waves to travel from one place to another. You can use mobile microphones for audio calls, voice recording, etc.

Input Device Microphones

건반. A major input device that allows you to send data and commands to the computer. It can be wireless, purchased online or at physical stores, or wired, linked to your computer via a USB cable.

Input Device Keyboard

. The mouse is a controlled device that enables you to navigate through your desktop or laptop screen. It is often connected to your computer but also has a wireless version.

Input Device Mouse

Scanner. Although you may find a misconception about this device being an output, it is untrue since it only takes an image and translates it to a file the computer understands, which is applied as Analog to Digital conversion.

Input Device Scanner

Biometric Devices. These are applied to fingerprints and facial or voice structures for identification cards and are now used for mobile devices as a security feature.

Input Device Biometric

List of Output Devices:

스피커. Since it plays computer audio, it is known as an output device. It is the one that receives the audio signals and can play them.

Output Device Speakers

Headphones/Earphones. Are headphones input or output? Like speakers, these output devices let you listen to audio from your computer or mobile device through an output jack.

Output Device Headphones

Printers. This famous output lets you produce a physical copy of the information from your computer or laptop; the digital data you input is the one that gets printed out.

Output Device Printer

FAQs about the Input/Output Audio from Microphone and Speaker


Now, you’re ready to answer the question, "Are microphone/speaker input or output audio?" You’ve learned here that mics are input devices but can be both input and output at some point. Meanwhile, speakers are output devices that play audio sound. But whatever they are, you see here that you can also record input and output audio with AnyRec Screen Recorder. No lag and quality loss will be experienced with this Windows and Mac recording tool. Free Download and give it a try!

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