Firefox 截圖:捕獲任何屏幕尺寸的每個細節

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Mozilla Firefox is one of the most widely known browsers globally. Why would you need to learn to take a screenshot in Firefox? You should share information in the form of a picture, and taking a screenshot of your screen or a portion of it can go a long way in explaining a problem. It is much easier to resolve everything with a picture. To make this happen, keep reading to understand how to take a screenshot in Firefox on mobile and computer.

Part 1: 2 Ways to Screenshot in Firefox Web Browser [Windows/Mac]

Mozilla Firefox provides you with different ways to take screenshots of different areas. You can capture the parts of the page, select a region, or capture the entire page while still being in Mozilla Firefox. Here’s how to take a screenshot in Firefox on Windows and Mac directly from the menu and your toolbar.

1. Use the Firefox Menu

步驟1。Open Mozilla Firefox on your computer. Then, for Windows, right-click to call up the Firefox menu. Meanwhile, for Mac users, a two-finger tap opens the menu.

第2步。Navigate to the Take Screenshot option in the menu. Drag your mouse around the web browser you wish to capture.

Firefox Menu

第 3 步。之後,單擊 複製 button, then paste it on email, chat, a program like Paint, etc.; you can press Ctrl+V 鍵。

2. Add the Screenshot feature to Firefox Toolbar

步驟1。火狐瀏覽器, 點擊 Main Menu button in the upper-right corner. Then, click the 更多工具 鈕扣。

第2步。點擊 Customize Toolbar button and find the 截屏 shortcut. Grab it with your mouse and drag and drop it into the 工具欄. And click the 完畢 按鈕。

第 3 步。You can easily see the Screenshot shortcut wherever you go. And now, you can quickly take screenshots in Firefox.

Part 2: How to Screenshot in Firefox on Mobile [Android/iPhone]

Taking screenshots on mobile devices is super easy, and you can complete both within a couple of steps. For both Android and iPhone, they both have specific ways to take screenshots; if ready to know them, here’s how:

Take a Screenshot in Firefox on Android.

Firefox Screenshot on Android

For Android devices with a Home button:

按住 力量 buttons simultaneously and see if your screen flashes. And then, the screenshots will be saved on your album.

For Android devices without a Home button:

按住 力量體積 down buttons simultaneously and see if the screen flashes. When it does, you have successfully taken the screenshot.

Take a Screenshot in Firefox on your iPhone.

Firefox Screenshot on iPhone

For iPhones with a Home button:

按住 力量 buttons at the same time. After your screen flashes, you will see a 縮略圖 of your screenshot in the bottom left-hand corner.

For iPhone without a Home button:

按住 提高音量 buttons simultaneously. A 縮略圖 of your captured screen will appear in the bottom-left corner of your screen.

Part 3: How to Screenshot Firefox on All Devices With High Quality

Taking a screenshot in Firefox on all devices with no limits is what AnyRec Screen Recorder offers. This program lets you record everything happening on your screen and take screenshots while recording. With no watermarks, you can quickly capture an active window, a scrolling screenshot, or a part of your screen in one click with the SnapShot tool.

AnyRec 屏幕錄像機包
AnyRec Screen Recorder

Capture the entire screen, a window, or a scrolling screenshot in Firefox.

Have custom hotkeys to screenshot Firefox quickly while recording.

Output the Firefox screenshot to various image formats to share.

Edit the screenshot with draws, watermarks, arrows, and other effects.


100% 安全


100% 安全

步驟1。Go to its main page to get AnyRec Screen Recorder and click the 免費下載 button. Ensure the Mozilla Firefox window is open. You can now click the 快照 主界面上的按鈕。


100% 安全


100% 安全


第2步。Your mouse will then be in a 光標移動. Move it to your desired area on the Firefox window you want to capture; 左鍵單擊 to confirm. Note that you can pull the 界線 to change the size.


第 3 步。When done capturing the Firefox window, a new window will open wherein you can make additional edits to the screenshot image. After editing the image, you can click the 節省 按鈕。


100% 安全


100% 安全

Part 4: FAQs about Screenshot in Firefox


To sum it all up, this post has shared how to use the screenshot feature offered by the Mozilla Firefox web browser. You can use them to screenshot the entire webpage or a part of it. But you don’t have to remember any shortcuts to screenshot in Firefox if you have software to assist. You can use AnyRec Screen Recorder as a Firefox screen and audio recorder. It has a built-in SnapShot tool that lets you capture any activities on screen, whether in different screen sizes to take screenshots in Firefox. Get it now!


100% 安全


100% 安全